Wha Yu Duin Step-Bwudda? - Theme Week Submission [by BFM101]

Melvin had been in a sour mood all week.

His special-order Fluffy had gone missing, he’d paid a lot of good money to have a custom made stallion with the colouration of Blanka from Street Fighter 2 and now the young stallion was missing. He’d been whining for days about wanting a ‘special-friend’ but Melvin told him no, claiming it was for financial reasons.

In truth Melvin didn’t want the embarrassment of knowing a toy was getting laid more than he was.

But now Blanka was gone, and Melvin had no idea where, he searched as far as he could – which was to the end of the block before his asthma kicked in – until he decided that Blanka would come home of his own accord when he realised he missed his daddy. Now it was a week later and nothing.

Frustrated beyond belief at the waste of money, Melvin decided to take some stress relief into his own hands, literally as he booted up the laptop and fired into the first Porn site he could find.

He was searching through the categories, trying to find his preference for Interracial Lesbians, when a new category caught his eye; Fluffy.

Melvin knew Fluffies humped a lot, and he’d even heard of humans fucking Fluffies but that felt more like bad internet humour than anything else, but to have their own porn category? That was something else entirely. Against his better judgement, Melvin clicked on the Fluffy link.

There wasn’t a huge collection, Melvin guessed it was either a new category, or too niche to be popular, but there was a few video, and in each of the screenshots Melvin saw two or more Fluffies going at it so at least it wasn’t bestiality.

Is it bestiality when it’s not technically an animal? Melvin didn’t want to think too hard on that question.

The video with the most views was something called ‘Wha yu duin step-bwudda?’, apparently even Fluffy porn had descended into fake incest. Melvin clicked on the video and waited for it to load.

The most simplistic bass riff, lifted straight from the reject bin of 80s porn soundtracks, played over the opening titles, two pictures of Fluffies appeared on the screen, a mare and a stallion. The mare was a nice looking peach pegasus with a pink mane and a glittery finish, the stallion was a strong black unicorn with a white mane and one of the glossiest coats Melvin had ever seen.

The titles introduced the pair; Erica Enfies and Randy Rodster in… “Wha Yu Duing Step-Bwudda?”

The titles faded away to reveal Erica sitting on a bed, her back against the headrest, her legs spread so her crotch-tits and vagina were on display. Erica seemed to be looking at the person behind the camera before she snapped into character.

“Oh nu, Ewica am… howny?” Erica spoke with all the conviction of a glorified extra. “Wan hab gud-feews bu am awone. Ewica gib own gud-feews.”

Erica then tried to reached her stubby little arms down to reach between her legs, but Fluffies weren’t built for self-pleasure so she could only waggle her arms helplessly, getting nowhere close to her special-place. After a moment Erica looked behind the camera again.

“Nu can wea…”

There was a sudden cut and now the camera had zoomed closer to Erica so her tits and vag were out of frame but there was now a faint buzzing sound and Erica had a weird smile on her face.

“Hmm, wub buzzy-fwiend.”

The camera cut again to outside of the bedroom where Randy had walked in, clearly confused until he spotted Erica. His eyes widened and he went to run in only for someone behind the screen to pull him back.

Melvin swore he heard a voice whisper. “The line, do the line.”

Randy nodded, suddenly remembering what he needed to do. He balanced himself on two legs and leant his arms against the door-frame, peering in at Erica.

“Hmm, nu-sistah am pwetty, wan gib enfies.”

The camera cut again to a close-up of Randy’s dick – the sudden full-screen Fluffy phallus caught Melvin off-guard – as an obviously fake hoof rubbed against its side, simulating the appearance of Randy jerking it. It was just felt and leather gentle touching the dick, it was a wonder why they went to the effort of even trying to fake it.

Melvin also wondered which poor bastard had to hold the fake-hoof off-screen.

Another cut back inside the bedroom, this time with Erica and the door in frame, the door opened – Melvin caught a glimpse of the fishing line as it caught the light – and now Erica could see Randy.

The peach Pegasus faked a scream. “Eek, wha yu duing… um… step-bwudda?”

Randy walked into the bedroom, his cock still erect and swaying – god why couldn’t Melvin take his eyes off it. Randy looked to be deep in thought as he tried to remember his next line.

“Uh… who owda da BIG numm…”

A sudden cut and Randy was silent again, this time though he looked to have some slight bruising in his left eye. Despite this Randy redid his line.

“Nu-sistah Ewica am pwetty mawe. Wandy wan gib enfies.”

Erica’s eyes lit up until she remembered the narrative. “Bu Wandy am bwudda, nu wight.”

Randy stepped closer, Erica’s eyes dropped to Randy’s dick, her mouth dropped at the sight of it.

“Wandy am STEP-bwudda. Can gib gud-enfies.” Randy purred in a way that Melvin had never heard a Fluffy speak before.

He swore that he saw Randy wink as well.

Erica’s eyes were still on Randy’s cock, a little bit of drool dribbling from the corner. Then a smile flashed on her face as she looked up at Randy.

“Pwetty stawwion wan be speciaw…”

Another jump in the camera interrupted Erica’s line, only now she looked to have been crying and had some nasty red marks on her back.

“Huu… du pwetty nu-bwudda wan hab enfies?”

“Wandy du wan, Ewica gib nu-nu stick wickie-cweans?”

Erica looked confused for a moment and again looked off-screen for guidance. Whoever she was looking at must’ve jogged her memory somehow because after a moment, Erica nodded and lowered her head between Randy’s legs.

Strangely they never showed what Erica was doing, only on Randy’s ever increasing smile. Melvin guessed there must still be some rules in place for what can and cannot be shown, Fluffies were fair-game in the eye of a lot of laws, but for others it was best to err on the side of caution.

Or maybe Fluffy blowjobs weren’t all that. Do Fluffies even do oral-sex? Another question not worth asking.

After a few seconds Randy started bucking his hips and cried out “GUD FEEWS!”

Swiftly followed by Erica yelping. “EEK, nu wan bad-miwki…”

The camera cut yet again to Erica and Randy face-to-face, both looked to have been cleaned up since last time, Erica turned and wiggled her rump at Randy.

“Come gib Ewica gud-feews nu-bwudda.”

Randy stepped forward and inhaled Erica’s scent, giving them both shivers, before he mounted her from behind. Erica’s eyes bugged out when Randy bottomed out into her.

“WHA DAT FWUFF?” Erica cried as her eyes rolled into the back of her skull, her voice quivering at the sensation. “OOOHHHHHH SU GUUUUUDDDDDD!!!”

Randy was done with foreplay, he gripped onto Erica’s back fluff and grunted away. “Enf, enf, enf, enf.”

Erica cooed. “Hmmm, pwetty stawwion gun gib Ewica da bestesh babb…”

Suddenly the audio cut out, and the voices of the two Fluffies were replaced by two humans doing bad Fluffy impersonations, both poorly-dubbed over whatever the Fluffies were actually saying.

“Aktooally.” The fake Erica voice said. “Nu wan babie… I mean babbehs, am Eri… Ewica Enfies, onwy wan good feels.”

“Yeah.” Fake Randy said as the camera cut to the stallions face, his mouth clearly not moving. “Nu want babbehs, onwy tu give sissy, um… no-no juice. Unf, unf, unf. This is ridiculous, I went to Julliard for…”

The real audio cut back in as now the only voice was Randy saying ‘Enf, enf, enf’ until he yelled out ‘GUD FEEWS’ again and came inside Erica, the mare shivered at the feel and gave out her own breathy ‘Gud feews’ as well.

Melvin didn’t even know that mares could have good feels.

As Randy pulled himself out of Erica, complete with a gross ‘slorping’ sound, the camera zoomed in on Erica’s special-place, seeing Randy’s cum drip out of her like a Fluffy creampie.

Before the camera had a chance to zoom out, Randy and Erica were cuddling into each other, nuzzling like Fluffy pairs do after fucking, the pair were just starting to coo at each other when Randy got distracted by something. Melvin was sure he heard someone snapping their fingers.

Dejectedly, Randy moved quickly towards the exit door, his head hung low but his face hidden away. Erica noticed Randy leaving and got worries.

“Wandy? Whewe am speciaw-fwi… uh speciaw-bwudda guin?” Erica caught herself just in time. She tried to walk off to follow Randy, before a human shadow cast over her, a look of fear appeared on her face before the screen quickly faded to black and words appeared in Erica’s place.

‘No animals were harmed in the making of this video’

Melvin shut the video tab and leant back in his chair, that had to be one of the strangest things he’d ever seen, and he use to frequent LiveLeak. How in the hell was anyone suppose to find that titillating in the slightest?

Then Melvin looked down at his crotch, seeing something seeping out of the front of his underwear, something wet, and warm, and white.

This had been an eye-opening afternoon.

Author’s note: Nothing has given me more pause for thought about where my writing has taken me, then when I wrote down the phrase ‘Fluffy Creampie’

Still, this was fun doing something a little more light-hearted for Theme Week I might do it again sometime.


I feel cursed for reading this…


I know the feeling


That is never a description you want to be applicable to porn. Even with fluffies.


Fair, I’ll probably change that line


:flushed: what did I just read? * Blink * Blink

And blanka still missing :sweat_smile:


Blanka’s dead. He ran into Josef in Josef Finds A Fluffy.

Poor green bastard never stood a chance.


Ohhhhh shoot! :man_facepalming: No wonder.


Nice. The world needs more low budget 80’s style fluffy porn.


… I’m speechless :zipper_mouth_face:


I can’t believe this is where Blanca’s owner ended up. Lord help us


I’ve got plans to use Melvin again, in less disgusting capacities.


I didn’t mean to imply it was inappropriate to have in your story. More that the fictional porn in your story was really fucked up.


I loved it! Trying to use fluffies as actor always leads to unintentional hilarity, and cute fluffies in scripted porn is an absolute goldmine of comedy! :laughing:


The use of bad miwkies imply fluffies have “sex slang” for semen, but are programmed to say special friend and sex for babies, unless they’re a piece of shit smarty or toughie. Fluffies trying different sex acts sounds hilarious.