What are do's and dont's writing Fluffy comics? (Menn019)

Hi there, i’am quite new here on FC, i discovered this community through The Click (his fluffy-voice is so f**king adorable!) on youtube,
and i was wondering:

What is the fysical and psycological standard of Fluffies?

I know fluffies are quite fragile (Coz of an early liberation), not to bright (their meant as pets) and have a lingo of their own, but wanting to draw more comic’s, i have to know what the do’s and dont’s are.

What’s common behaviour? Can smarties beg the same for it’s life as an poopie-fwuffy? Do fluffies make jokes, like crapping the carpet to laugh at an angry owner? Does a mare loves ALL of here babies or not? Do jellenheimers stiill appear? Do fluffies really forgive abuse that easily?

I’ve seen much Fluffy material surfing several sites before joining this one, and sometimes things are different, while Carpdime uses foalcans, gr1m_1 uses a carton box to deliver Fluffies to offices for example.

In short; i don’t have clear view of fluffy psycology and fysical ‘prowes’ and social interactions/impact; what are the do’s and dont’s writing a comic?


There’s no standardized behavior! Some people draw fluffies as being cruel little bastards who would kill their mother for a corn chip, while others would have them starve to death before they even think of eating their own for sustenance. Some smarties refuse to break no matter what, while others start wailing and sobbing like babies the moment you turn on them (then resume being bastards the moment you turn away).

Just think of fluffies as (child-brained) individuals instead of one big hivemind, and you’ll be fine.


Really it all depends on headcanon and the tone you want. If you want fluffies to be kind innocent creatures that get tortured for no reason then that’s ok. So is making hell gremlins that rape their own newborn children in front of their pillowed mother. Just remember to tag your posts properly.


Firstly you can do basically whatever you want there really isn’t any set rules to fluffies cause they aren’t real to begin. That being said the general consensus is fluffies are really really dumb talk with shorthand and poor pronunciations like daddeh mummah poopie etc as well as some letter being replaced with W’s like “Wun” or “Hewwo” other than that you could make them as compassionate or heartless as you want it’s all in how you want to approach it


It depends on the headcanon, so as long as you don’t stray too far from the original ideas, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Take some time to read other people’s stories or comics, and decide on what you want to do for your comics.

If you wanna know some of the basics, I recommend this guide in particular, as it lays out a lot of the ground work for fluffies.


The answers are if you want it be that way. Fluffy can be as simple or complicated as you wish. They can be made of glass or stone. Have as many foals as you want. Be as smart as you want them to be within a degree, you can’t make them einsteins without them being a joke. Size varies.

That only thing that seems to be agree on by everyone it the way they speak and them getting pregnant at hello. And short legs.



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More human-like individuality than the (Clone-)boys in white from Kamino (Star wars cannon) then, makes sense.


'Bout 'em tags; Does improper tagging occur a lot here on FC?

Phew, so i don’t have to re-do old comic’s…saves me some time on that :crazy_face:

That guide is a goldmine of intel!

(…them{Fluffies} getting pregnant at hello.)

No wonder some of the FC play with the idea of castration in some way, i’ve heard our beloved shitrats even have rabbit-dna… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or you can play it for drama. There was one particular fluffy in my headcanon with supergenius intellect… meaning he was fully capable of grasping the existential horror of being a fluffy.

It, ah, didn’t end well.

basically, some people mute certain tags they don’t want to see and aren’t too happy when they read or see something with that specific tag. Foal-rape or enfie babbeh for instance is hated by A LOT of people.

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Oh, in that manner.
I understand. I myself avoid gore\snuff websites nowadays for the same reason, a bit to cruel and real for my taste…

My number one tip for writing fluffies is to always keep them likable. Even if they misbehave and need a spanking, likable fluffies make for satisfying content.

Fluffies physical and psychological makeup really just follow the rule of fun. Different authors tend to have different baselines, but you can have fluffies survive getting thrown to a wall or exploding from a sneeze no problem.

Same for behaviors, but there the difference between classic fluffy and hellgremlin is a matter of genre rather than behavior itself. If you want to make enjoyable content that readers like, you should frame the fluffies as adorable and innocent. If you want to piss your readers off and leave them grumpy for a cheap emotional reaction, well, I’d wish you’d rather not draw fluffies in the first place.

So in a nutshell, things like size, durability and intelligence of fluffies is all up to what you feel like, and likable fluffies are what makes for likable content! :blush:

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Do make and post comics
Make the comics entertaining

Don’t make boring comics
Don’t refrain from posting your comics

The rest is detail or individual taste

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Read As much as you can from your local library’s copy of "Fluffies Comics Federal Standard.

You’ll need to sign a tear out page in triplicate, and get it notarized, then send it in to the local Fluffs Services and in 12-14 business days, you’ll be certified to draw.

Your comment was the intel i was looking for.

I catch your drift.
Like in the Harry Potter series; Seeing Umbridge, a hated character with no likability, getting blown up and (sexually) assaulted, had less impact on me than seeing the creepy saviour Snape die because of ‘just’ snakebites.

But this part;

Blockquote Fluffies physical and psychological makeup really just follow the rule of fun. Different authors tend to have different baselines, but you can have fluffies survive getting thrown to a wall or exploding from a sneeze no problem.

Made me imagine and grin :grinning:

There’s no real central authority or established canon on fluffy pony lore. Early on, we had more of a shotgun approach and were just throwing out whatever seemed entertaining at the time. If anything about fluffy ponies seems inconsistent or nonsensical, that’s because it is.