What fluffy will you get? (By mostlysane )


  1. Pick an egg
  2. First come first serve
  3. See what fluffy you get
  4. Then you can use that fluffy in your own story or art, and name them!
  5. There’s 7 eggs in total, so after all 7 are claimed, I’ll reveal what you got!
  6. Just comment the number you want to pick :yellow_heart:

4, yeah… I’ll take it

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Number 6 please


No.3 plz

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(post deleted by author)

Oops wrong number, I ment 2.

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I’ll go for 7

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Can i have number 1?

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Number 5?

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Ok all the eggs have been claimed! Should I post the reveal in the comments or as a separate post? Which will be better?

Separate post.

Check my new post bros and bronies

unm… 6, yeah, 6.

you mean the 7 chaos fluffies?!

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