What if… ( Gal-With-Pastels)

i Was thinking, what if @Mexi ’s kamba ended up having foals through Special huggies from a random feral that was looking for a mare to have enfies. so i decided to doodle what her babies would look like. having 2 boys and 2 girls.


Look out! There’s a munstah babbeh in the group!



Hopefully they don’t get rejected too hard!

Are the armbands/bandaids just for gender designation?

Didn’t know if they got their shots.

yes just for gender

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Very cute :heart_eyes:

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thank you

These are adorable

Thank you

Oh I love the colors on that black one! Then again they’ve all got lovely colors! Nice job Gal.

thank you very much

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I like the glowing horns. Nightlight friends!

Awwww sooooo cutee and they all got bracelets or tag is it? :heart_eyes:

little bracelets to show what gender they are

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These are super adorable! I love their cute little gender bracelets.

Lil Red already has her eyes open.

Yep wanted to have one of them have they’re eyes open.

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Perhaps the horned ones can be used as batteries… or not. They all still could be good target practice.

That makes me wonder, if a fluffy has a baby with glowing horns and wings, would she kill it? Yes, it is a monster under his eyes, but having a horn that shines, he would surely pass it by and take care of it as the light he needs (especially if he has it somewhere dark or at night).