What if it's Tasteful? (Author: SqueakyFriend)

What if it’s Tasteful?

Clarette sighed, ran a hand through her hair, and took a moment to consider how ridiculous working at Fluffy Festival Daycare was.

Fluffies weren’t like toddlers, and she had learned that the hard way. Some people thought they were, but toddlers had at least some semblance of logic and fluffies did not. Toddlers did not, for example, break out of their saferoom in order to cook spaghetti by themselves moments after getting kibble. Toddlers did not climb up the curtains and hide on top of the window for hide-and-seek, then cry endlessly because they couldn’t get down. Toddlers did not bring guns to show-and-tell. And …

“Alright, guys.” She clapped her hands, stepping into the saferoom and instantly earning the attention of every fluffy there. “I got some complaints from one of your owners, so we’ve got a new rule. During art sessions, you are not allowed to draw porn.”

She had expected confusion or blind agreement, but what met her was several fluffies gasping in outright horror. “But nu! What wiww Hamby dwaw!?” “Popey need dwaw huggy pictuwes!!” “Weds am happy tu see wess speciaw pwaces duwing awt time!” “Bu’ what about Fawtiwowd’s pwincess Fawtinand comics?!”

“Wait, how many of you have been drawing porn!?” Clarette yelped, with near a dozen fluffies raising their hooves. Then some of them lowered theirs again. One hesitated, looking around, and re-raised his hoof.

“Miss daycawe wady?” he called. “What about huggies? Can babbeh dwaw huggies? Ow am aww huggies nu gud?”

“No, regular hugs are okay to draw.”

“What abou’ texties?” called another. “If Popey wites powny stuffs, am dat awso bad?”

“Yes, that’s bad! You can’t write porn either.” Not that she wanted to know what that would read like, considering the spelling abilities of a fluffy.

“Miss Wady! Hamby wikes tu pway speciaw huggies duwing pwaytimes, am dat otay?”

“I… I guess?” Clarette bit her cheek. This was a bit tougher to pin down. It wasn’t like the owners would know, but… “No, maybe not… It depends on how bad it is?”

“Weww, Hamby an’ -”

“WAIT, I don’t want to hear the details, please.”

“… Otay.”

Yet another hoof went into the air. “What if am jus’ nudes?”

“Ye!” agreed another fluffy. “If babbeh copy Babbehs! show, an’ mummah on show haf big speciaw pwace, am dat otay?”

“Uh… that’s…” What kind of conversation was this turning into!? “It’s not wrong to draw what you see on Babies! but …” She guessed that fluffies were, by default, a bit nude and it wasn’t like that was sexualized, right? But at the same time, nobody wanted to see their fluffy draw a fluffy with a full-on dick, right?

“What if it am tastefuw an’ nu am sexy nudies at aww?”

“I…” She sighed. “Can I see an example?”

One young stallion, Haybale, shyly brought his drawing to Clarette and she picked it up, then stared at the image. That… was not a fluffy. It was a poorly-drawn, naked human, a brunette with giant tits and her hair tied into a braid. The only article of clothing, if it could be called that, was a nametag, the word “CARET” written next to her.

Clarette glanced to the brown braid slung over her shoulder.

Back at Haybale.

“Did you draw porn of me.”

“Weww yu am weawwy hot!” Hamby shouted. Some of the other stallions agreed.

"Okay. How many of you little fucks were drawing nudes of me?"

Several hooves went into the air, including one of the mares that hadn’t previously raised one.

Clarette crumpled the picture in her hands. “I changed my mind. NONE of it’s allowed.”

“Even nowmaw huggies?”

“YES.” Throwing the crumpled drawing at Haybale’s face, Clarette turned around. “Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go resign.”

She didn’t know if the distraught wails were from the new art ban or from the fact they would lose what was apparently their favorite big-tittied caretaker, but she didn’t care. That was gonna be the next caretaker’s problem. Clarette herself? She was gonna either resign, or demand a huge raise.


Oh god we’re the fluffies arent we. We always have been the fluffies.


Mare with big special place immediately made me think of this by @CuddlyBloodily

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im laughing so hard- OHMY GOD I CANT STOP LAUGHING! i love this i love this oh gods this is great, im sweating from laughing so hard oh gosh


Imagine these degens keep creeping on their caretakers until they eventually get a teenaged one and they somehow understand what underage means. Well, most of them, a small subsection of them is very weird but the other fluffies don’t like them.


@Guodzilla @FallenAngel007

Napoleon totally would’ve drawn her.



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Wait a Minute!! Are you insinuating that I would as well?

I would absolutely NEV…
That is to say, under NO circumst…
Er, to be exact, I ABSOLUTELY REFU…
FINE. Guilty as charged.



Hey, at least you can. Notice I almost never draw humans?


Eh? Nani?..oh…geee I …dunno… Click and save current file in folder and slowlly sneak out of the door*



Where do YEW think yer going?


Hey, he’s a pro! Obviously off to study for his amazing commission work!


Fluffies would be kind of fun to work with, if they were always silly like this, haha.


Hey you! Long time! Ĥøẅż Ū ðøịɲ?