What If...PETA never caused the fluffy break out at Hasbio?

So, one of the origins for fluffy ponies was the Hasbio genetics lab and PETA freeing the imperfect prototypes into the wild. So, can we discuss, what would have happened if that never happened and Hasbio had exclusive rights to fluffy ponies? How would fluffy ponies affect the world then?

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They’d be boring then.


this :point_up:


Fluffies would be released as normal.

They’d be the hot new thing and every kid would want one.

They’d probably spawn a TV series and one blockbuster release followed by a myriad of DTV movies.

Then the fad would pass.

Kids wouldn’t give a shit, parents wouldn’t put in the effort for a high-pitched talking toy.

Without the love of a human, there would be no hugbox.

Without the Smarty syndrome, leaky shit and baby itch, there would be no abuse.

Fluffies would just become a sad affair of neglect and apathy, tossed to the sidelines for the next big thing. Destined to appear as a question on a quiz show 30 years later, or perhaps a video essay by some YouTuber who vaguely remembered owning one as a kid but isn’t too sure.


With maybe a few here and there, on the cheap after the fad died off as pseudo pets.

well… Besides AMDk’s astute opinion. Fluffies would be more factory, than mom and pop seller items. Breeding would be insanely expensive or non-existent, as Hasbio would have the soul rights to the Fluffy.

In terms of stories and what not, almost every Fluffy abuse story would have been changed to the horrors of industrial-abuse, and sandbox/bleakbox.

Smarties would also be non-existent, their likeness either culled at first stages or sold as Smarties via special request, or due to their good color combinations.

Subspecies would also be gone or managed and tested more efficiently.

But that’s just my opinion tho lol

the two biggest differences I see are fluffies go to market as pets leading to genetically modified animals gaining wider acceptance gmo’s but with vertebrates everything goes along till the gmo uprising, or they are released as toys setting the president that genetically modified organisms of even higher intelligence are not real independent creatures but property which inevitably leads to waifu bang toys and the slow extinction of the human race

so fluffy general resales leads to the end of mankind


You could still have them escape due to human negligence rather than PETA. If Hasbio completed them, differences might include removal of their bowel issues and lower incidence (or non existence) of smarty syndrome. If they were engineered to only survive on certain foods that only Hasbio or licensed feed producers provided (maybe due to some necessary enzyme in it), they would never survive without human care. Ferals would not exist.

Corporate espionage could eventually produce cheaper knock-offs, they escape, and we are back to a world similar to most current setups.


That being said imagine all the wild ass genetic fuckery that would probably go down, like Bioshock crossed with Pokemon


Depends. Completed and “perfected”? Or not released due to beauracratic and legal issues. Files could be stolen online allowing folks to make their own in other countries. There’s still plenty to go wrong.

I imagine they’d be a really expensive fad pet. I can still see abuse happening, like that one guy who bought a PS3 just to smash it in front of the line of people still waiting to buy theirs, just … gorier and with way more screaming. They wouldn’t be as stupid though, so our beloved moronbox would be gone.

Ferals would be much rarer - people would still throw our their pets I’m sure, but they likely wouldn’t be able to breed. Finding one on the street and taking it in would be a much bigger deal.


I can agree with fluffies being a fad. An animal that can speak and with the intelligence of a four-year old. However, caring with one would be like caring for another child. There’s the part where they are high maintenance. The fluffies Hasbio would release to the market would, of course, be neutered and spayed to prevent uncontrollable breeding. I feel how easily the mares can get pregnant being one of the genetic issues. As soon as they give birth, they are ready to get pregnant again. That is why the population always booms if left unchecked. Once the fluffies have been perfected, their fragility would not be an issue. I guess the prices may go down once demand does as well. However, maybe there will be people who want a rare alicorn breed if Hasbio succeeds in breeding them in a lab.

This is a really important thing for people to understand about fluffies. I’m really tired of seeing boring “subspecies” that are just fluffies with no flaws. Seeing anything more than the occasional one off fluffy with human like intellect, durability and bowel control is really missing the spirit of this community imo. My preferred head canon is that Fluffies can’t be “perfected”. Hasbio never intended to really change fluffies all that much and erred on the side of caution so as not to make something that too closely resembled a human. I guess the only exception to this would be their ability to make “sowwy poopies”, I don’t see why a corporation would go out of it’s way to make animals that can spray shit at you.

I generally feel that subspecies should have the usual fluffy flaws, and, or come with quirks of their own.

Since i main kitsune fluffies I’ll use them as a example .
They are deisgner pets with huge ass fox tails, the fecal incontinence has been bred out, cause who wants to clean up that ?
But they are still have all the issue a normal fluffy has, and have quirks of their own.
Like being very tail orientated, tails are everything to them.

Subspecies should add not detract.

Don’t get me wrong, I like subspecies too, and it’s fine if your fluffies don’t shit constantly, I was more speaking to the people who make subspecies that resemble normal fluffies in appearance but are “perfected” with none of the generally agreed upon common fluffy characteristics (e.g. bowel incontinence). I feel doing this isn’t really keeping in the spirit of the community, but that’s just my take.

I mean, Hasbio was working on making the fluffies function as they were designed to be.