What is off limits for fluffy stories

I know human abuse is off limts but to fluffy and do have just stick basic ass template of booru or can we explored other parts of fluffy like dna or mutants and magic or fluffy diets

But all together like

You can do this but hey you cant do this


Had a stroke reading this.

Now it’s readable


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Nothing is really off-limits per say? At least as far as I know. I’ve seen some really extreme stuff.
Of course, no actual animal abuse, save that for fluffies only. But other than that there’s pretty much no limit!


Humans and animals can’t be abused, but you can do whatever you damn well please to a fluffy. Rewrite their DNA so they experience only pain? Put fluffies in a wizard/DnD setting and have sorcerers do fucked up things to them with alchemy or whatever, whatever you want who gives a fuck. A lot of people do have their own “canon” where there is a world with set rules that the fluffies live in, for instance my canon is the regular IRL world but “what if” fluffies were in it, so there’s no magic or anything supernatural really, but some people just do whatever and make living fluffies made of bread or just have a griffin in the story for no reason, doesn’t matter, who gives a shit. Do whatever you want.


Sorry I wrote shitshow while having a throbing migraine…

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Nice to meet you too, if wanna read my upcoming stories your more than welcome…

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Much of the community operates on the principle of “It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission”
So write what you like.
The community will let you know if you find a limit.
Most people never do.


Write a story or draw a comic that you’re not ashamed of. If you SHOULD be ashamed, we’ll let you know. There have been a couple of real degenerates in the ranks, but we shut that shit down pretty quick. It’s rare that you can get us riled up to the point of actual disgust. Try us out.

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I know that having a human shoving a grenade in another human’s mouth is a no-no, and the unfortunate victim being defenestrated before the grenade goes off doesn’t make it any better.

Human threatening to shove grenades in another human’s mouth and ass, and the threat being comically misinterpreted due to the recipient not knowing what a grenade is? Perfectly fine.

Human pouring holy water down a vampire’s throat, burning them from the inside out? Also fine.

Angelic being shoving a holy hand grenade in a demon’s mouth? Apparently, also fine. Hallelujah!

Let’s face it, if it’s okay to depict fluffies being gruesomely injured because they’re fictional, than depicting a demon or a vampire or an alien being gruesomely injured is fine too, on the same grounds.

The important thing to remember is that the fluffies should be in the spotlight. If they’re sharing the spotlight with humans, or nonhumans, that’s one thing, but if the fluffies are being pushed out of the spotlight, well, is it really a fluffy story anymore?


@Marakasaya1 is the cum goblin god of this hellhole. He found its limit and was branded for it.

He’s a nice guy and his mother makes cookies.

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Oh my god you watch rick and morty we are best friend now :relieved:

I can’t really think of anything that’s “Off limits” here (as opposed to the sub-reddit), I mean there’s works of fluffies being psychologically broken to pretty much being dismembered and mutilated in a variety of ways that wouldn’t be out of place in a MK/DooM game or SAW/Hostel movie.


Like everyone else said, pretty free going here. Just avoid real animal being abused, don’t really get too crazy with the human abuse…

And don’t get sexual with the anthro foals.

Other than that, you should be fine.


every time I read someone saying

I imagine someone having a heart attack and getting off his fucking chair in a violent act trying to read something.
I always make me laugh fucking hard

… anyway.


This is what I imagine, every time.

“The cartoon peril was no more…”


Yeah, less ‘off limits’ and more ‘we ignore what we don’t like.’

Jellemers (sp?) and other weird quasi magical mutant… things pop up pretty often. I don’t care for that so i pass on those media, but plenty of folks are fond of them.

Wasn’t there one series where a fluffy became sentient (human level) and kinda took over the world or replaced humans? Something like that.

So it can get into odd tangents, but we are here for mentally limited mutant pony-hampsters.



There was a story on the booru where a fluffy who lost his family to a cat wanted revenge and he led a group of toughies to the cat’s litter of kittens while the mother cat was away and ended the chapter there and the booru went BALLISTIC!

So yeah, don’t fuck with cats.


I would argue also that for every rule there exists a hypothetical work of art that might break it without being unfit for the site. Rules are bendable.

Or you could be ArisenLeaf and hold the rules down while you shove bottles in all of its orifices.


I’ve had Rick and Morty appear in my stories a bunch of times. Just sayin’.

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lmao thanks
that’s now the embodyment of my state