What is the worst thing a fluffy can say to another fluffy? (FreshlyPillowed)

So i was thinking at work last night (yes i was thinking about Fluffys roasting each other rather than work, the promotion is coming soon im sure)

What is the worst thing a fluffy an say to another fluffy. im talking direct insults

Hatechu, Dummeh and Ugwy seem obvious choices
Poopie is also a strong candidate id argue it hold more weight if its used on a fluffy who isnt brown.
Worstest hits home very well if say its a family unit

I dunno guys this is a shitpost im sorry i love you all very much.


“you mama musta mistaken yuu as a poopie”
“you ugwyer den a munstah”
“You suu fat! fatty fat fat! faaaaat!”
“You suuu smaww? du yuu mama gib yuu nu miwkies? am yuu bad baby?”
“Yuu a poopie munstah wookin bwat!!” if you wana go full rage mode


Munstah is up there, particularly for Alicorns but even non-Alicorns can be hurt by the insult.

Fluffies are for Huggies and love and nobody wants to hug a monster


Niggerfaggot lol

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Yu nu am inwited tu meh birfday pawteh.


Niggewfabbo! :gotsketties:

Dummeh seems to vary in its intended intensity as an insult by fluffies, but overall seems mild. I’d say ‘munstah’ is typically less an intended insult and more just a declaration of fear/confusion/disgust.

‘Poopie’ would be pretty high up there I think. The whole poopie fluffy thing sure, if that’s your preferred cannon, but also with how horrific making ‘bad poopies’ is for most fluffies, and how so much disgust towards fluffies from humans is from the stereotype of them being filthy shit machines, I think they’d really take it to heart.


Weird Al Yankovic reference!

It’s totally situational - and a little bit try-hard - but since Crimson and Scarlett swear like a couple of drunken Irish sailors I have considered doing a short story where one of them kills a Fluffy just by calling them a ‘dummeh kunt’.

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According to Mwike, calling somebody “bad poopies” is the “ultimate insult for a fluffy”.

I like to think ‘bad fluffy’ is the worst, since they’re made to be toys primarily, so they’re probably programmed to respond to human commands instinctively, to help them with learning how to use the litter-box and such.
Therefore ‘bad fluffy’ is the single most painful thing a fluffy can be called, because it translates to ‘you disappointed your owners, you are a faulty product’.


Being called an enfie babbeh is prolly the worst, hands down


“Yu nu desewve huggies ow wuv”. Very simple but very deliberate so no room for miscommunication.


I could somehow imagine enemies in a video game yelling these. Like the grunts in halo after you activate the IWHBYD Skull.

“Hey dummeh poopie! Dah poopie stowe caww! Day aww owt ob yuu!”


Cowp an’ Sneewd

This reminds me of when everyone and their mother was going around acting like “sneed” was the most original word of all time