What kind of diseases would fluffies carry?

We always talk about how dirty feral fluffies are, but what diseases would they be capable of carrying? One would think most diseases wouldn’t take their specific biology into mind, or even find them to be suitable hosts cause they’d just die too fast. So, what does the community think would be fluffy specific diseases?


I can imagine pink eye could be caused by people unfortunate enough to get fluffy feces in the face or hands if not cleaned properly. Fluffies could contract rabies as well which would do a number on their brain snd CNS.


In my personal headcanon Fluffies can’t get ill due to their chimeric DNA - toys don’t get ill and they are toys, not pets. But I’d imagine due to their constant shitting they’re would be an uprise in the population of flies and the diseases they carry, potentially the same with fleas.

If I remember right some booru headcanons had the Fluffy outbreak decimate the cat and dog population due them carrying deadly diseases, making dogs a more upper-class pet to have.

Now that you’ve brought it up though, I’d be curious to see how Fluffies dealt with rabies




anything carried by ticks, masketos, and fleas. Though they probably kill the fluff pretty quickly

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all of them


A fluffy who is immune (or doesn’t carry) most diseases due too its artificial nature might be seen as “beneficial” for areas with deadly mosquitos or other disease carrying insects.

Spraying a herd of fluffies with pesticides could provide a service in certain areas.

Think of fluffy herds as mobile bug-zappers, similar to when you give kitty the right flea treatment. The drops don’t just protect the kitty, it also becomes an armored anti-flea tank as it goes around the house passively killing fleas and their eggs.

A fluffy has blood, after all. But in this case it provides no sustenance. Buggies gets a bellyful of something that tastes good but provides no nutrients. Parasites nom nom nom the guts and then just get fat and burst.

However, just because a fluffy does not carry or suffer from a disease doesn’t mean it can’t suffer in other ways…

Eyes stinging from pesticides that probably sterilize it and cause pregnant mothers to give birth to stillborn monster babies (shout out to Danzig). Constantly tortured by all the insects who are attracted to the fluffy like a bug zapper. And by the end, the skin and eyes and genitals eaten away by sugar ants… thank god finally a way to kill them.

Larvae burrows into skin and flesh but doesn’t get anything out of it other than heat and transport.

If you approach it this way it pretty much makes “fluffies as food” tropes non existent since they provide nothing other than an illusion of flesh. However, a super cheap fluffy gene resequencing agent could change this.

If the fluffy remains something poor people can’t afford to eat, you will have rich gastronauts who do it just for the experience. Just make sure to offer a nice salad as well!


Probably be a bunch of brand new diseases or the fuckers will bring back the bloody plague!!
They are a mix of so many different animals dna that I reckon it would just morph into some super fucked up, keep your pets locked away kind of shit!! Could even cause a massive pandamic (again!)… Maybe in some ulternate universe Fluffys ARE covid?! Who knows man!!


I would say they would be hosts to all of them but with their system, be the bearers of new strains of them.

With common illnesses, they would need to change themselves to fit a brand new host. So, to put it another way, they would be the rats/fleas for the new black death.

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All existing ones while somehow creating new worse ones.

Perhaps fluffies could contract disease and whatnot, but due to their DNA, they suffer no ill effect, BUT they can still transfer the disease despite not being affected by it.

Another note; maybe some new diseases would sprout up with the introduction of fluffies into the ecosystem? Maybe one that actually can infect and debilitate a fluffy. Nature always finds a way…

I agree with some other people here that fluffies would be a huge carrier of diseases if they have full disease immunity themselves (but I find that idea not as fun as a fluffy suffering from something or other). The amount of shit a feral herd can produce can attract a lot of dung-eating things and create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Like super bad e.coli or something.

I would also like to think they get rabies, but it’s sorta funny because fluffies have the bite strength of literally nothing, so the disease wouldn’t easily spread to other creatures. They’d just get that horrible seizure state and die.

Ringworm. So much ringworm. I like to think they’re silent carriers for lots of things, mainly human diseases but also things like distemper and parvo. Hasbio would have made them resistant to most diseases through things like inbuilt vaccines but fluffies are the perfect disease vector for things to jump to human populations.

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Literally all of them. Animals who shit all over themselves purposely and are incredibly dirty are #1 carriers of disease. Thankful every day these shits arent real, they would cause so many problems with not only livestock but with pets and leisure animals as well

I’m with @BFM101 on this one. In addition to diseases not being able to really get a hold of a novel target species and we are going very novel for the fluffies here, it would have been in hasbios best interest to make them as resilient as possible Disease-wise. to what degree they actually took steps towards that goal is less clear.

I also agree with the idea that they would be devastating flea vectors, although I disagree with the idea that the fleas would get no nutrients from them because something’s going around to their veins the power their cells so the fleas would be able to drink that and make use of it, as they’re just digesting the blood. They’re not doing it any enzymatic complex biochemical reaction here, so there’s no real need for any specialization whatsoever on the flea’s part.

As for spraying feral herds with pesticides, I figure that most places would rather the fluffies just be dead so spray them with fluffiside instead. Or since fluffiside is not toxic to anything except fluffies, just add it to the rivers.

That said, I could easily see a owned pet fluffy being flea treated and being incredibly effective similar to how cats and dogs are once they are treated with flea prevention meds.

So overall, I’d imagine that they’d probably only get the most generalized of diseases like rabies, which any mammal can get and is not specialized for any mammal in particular, or for example foot fungus.

A fun head cannon though would be that the fluffy’s actually briefly get much smarter once they have symptomatic rabies instead of going saying right away.

That could be one of the signs that fluffy owners look for, and it could lead to interesting results in feral herds, where they have an almost cultural/folklore understanding that if a fluffy suddenly gets very smart, then they’re dangerous. That is to say more dangerous than a smart fluffy already is.

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