What's your favorite flavor of fluff abuse?

So, i may or may not be asking this for art inspiration…
Tell me your favorite sub-genre of fluffy abuse! Be as niche/specific as you want! And go into detail if you want, too. I just need new ideas (I’ve drawn too many of the same thing tbh)
Personally I like abuse with favoritism, like abusing an entire herd, but choosing the weakest one that the whole herd bullies, and treating it like a king while all the others watch.


prefer psychological abuse that makes fluffies miserable while leaving them physically unharmed.

Things like giving them exactly what they asked for in a way they don’t want, giving other fluffies what they wanted and making them watch the other fluffies enjoy it, making the fluffies of their affection fall in love with another fluffy, that sort of thing.

I’ve also written quite a bit about medical treatments for fluffies, everything from dentistry to hot swapping parts off fluffies. That’s an underutilized genre of abuse and terror of late.


One of my things is military fluffies. Basically, the US army collect smarties and beats, berates, and breaks them in to either being obedient, or derping them. Assuming they don’t just die.


  1. Smarties being beaten while having to ask for more. Failing to do so makes the punishment worse, likely involving genitals.

  2. Fluffies breaking under the strain and derping out. This often happens in the middle of a training exercise, and they just freak the fuck out. All exercises are done in real battlefield conditions, so suddenly rising up can get a head blown off by a .227.

  3. Derpies are organized in to units nicknamed “Crayoneaters”. These derpies receive instructions in mine clearing. They are showed a disarmed antipersonnel mine, and told the trigger is the ‘magic spaghetti button’, and if they stomp on it real hard, they’ll get a big noise and a flash of light, and they’ll be sent to spaghetti land.


Weirdbox has been my bread and butter, Other than that i love all the subspecies:
Ducky fluff
Sea fluffy ( beaver fluff)
Giraffe fluff
Deer fluff
Demon fluff
Cow fluffy
Catdog style fluff
Bread fluffy
Toilet paper fluffy
Fluffy car
Just to name a few…
Oh and that fluffy fucking a triceratops and the naked man with a traffic cone up his ass, coverd with tied on fluffies crying…good times good times…


Any type of foal abuse

With the obligatory drill sergeant going full R. Lee Ermey on the smarties, I hope.

Mass foal rape.

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What happens to toys, but alive. See: Toy Story.

What happens to real animals, but smart enough to be horrified and too reliant on Programming to react correctly or severely worsening the experience. Like Watership Down if written by Matt Groening anonymously.

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Here’s a crazy thought expand your drawing repartee beyond just abuse

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Here’s a crazy thought expand your drawing repartee beyond just weirdbox /j

My favourite(s)
psychological - how far can you go so the fluffy breaks without it realising you’re the bad guy
physical - hard to pick, I guess full-on gore (organs, blood, cuts and scars everywhere)

bonus round: industrial abuse where it’s not malice but pure apathy. Basically bleakbox abuse


I feel like you can have a lot of fun messing with good mothers, not outright harming the foals too badly physically but just kind of messing with them enough to cause distress across the board.

Mama will probably lose her shit because she can’t help and genuinely loves all her foals, while the foals are heartbroken that mama isn’t helping them. Considering how stupid fluffies are you could just show them any modicum of kindness and they’ll stop caring about the torment they just endured, making it easy to keep doing and maybe ramping it up.

I think the difference between this and flat out abuse is that most tend to start killing the foals or crippling them quickly, making the mare obviously devastated but it tends to not last as long. Also runs the risk of making them quickly decide that the human is a monster or clearly hates them, making it less of a surprise when the little things add up.

Pyschological. I love seeing fluffies broken down :3

I draw everything under the sun scrumpy

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I just feel personal bias towards anything weirdbox shrug

Ahahahaha it’s all weird silly child unless you are one of those degenerates that actually uses fluffies as a stand in for real animal abuse


100% agreed
but when it comes to art - and life in general, it’s important to step out of a comfort zone or have someone challenge your views and routine

still, weirdbox is cringe

That I why I suggested zippy do something outside of just abuse

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All abuse is entertaining, but a fluffy’s naive nature plays perfectly into mindgames and gaslighting.


Accidental, because Fluffies can only live in a world where they are are held to the standards of animals that make sense. Things which, like us, evolved over billions of years to preserve and propagate themselves and fit into incredibly complicated interconnected biomes.

Then they try to hug a cape buffalo with a shaggy hide because they think it is a big fluffy friend, and it tramples them into paste. Or they try to hump an electronic talking toy and shock themselves in the dong. Or they try to fly using their utterly useless wings and break every bone in a fall. That kinda shit. The abuse component is even better, when people have no idea what might be traumatizing to a fluffy, which thinks that the pictures on the TV are real.

I kind of feel like industrial abuse and many other subgenres are related to this. It goes back to the first stories for me, where someone is promised the thrill of taking home a real life My Little Pony friend, except as a consumer good, no matter how much it loves, it is flawed and tragic.

I don’t even bother hitting the “like” button on story-free (much less “justified”) fluffy abuse content anymore. I’ve seen thousands of instances of it for over ten years, and no matter how well-done it is, it has never gotten any more clever or interesting than the people who still comment on hugbox work talking about how they want to stab all the fluffies, etc.