When shitrats invade barracks 1 (Chawakorn_SIAM)

Feb 10

At noon, the guards noticed a flock of fluffy faces entering the lawn.

“Sir I think shitrat invade our territory”
Smith said when Smarty stare at him

After that Sirens sounded throughout the barracks as a large number of fluffy invaders invaded, with fluffy unicorns as smarty to lead raids in search of food.

“Dummeh mistah gib smawty nummies ow get bad ousie”
Smarty unicorn said

“Shut​ up alien”
general Lavi Ferdinand said when she Reload her M16A4

To be continue shortly.


next time, can you include the next 15 parts in one post?


wait was he just like posting one line at a time or something?

No, i just get weirded out when the whole text post can fit on my screen

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Also how does this sToRy have 3 likes? Three people liked reading this? Really?