When The Tables Turn, Ch.3 [by ChungusMyBungus]

Vince blinked himself awake the next morning. The ground was still wet from the rainfall before, but it had stopped raining since then. He slowly got up on all four legs and waddled out of the box, letting out a squeaky yawn as he slowly awakened some more.
He could see the mare still lying with her three dead foals. She had stopped moving completely, and her fluff was totally soaked from the rain. Vince wasn’t sure if she’d died from the cold of the night, or from drowning in the rain… but either way, the stupid bitch was dead, that was all that mattered.

Vince was ready to move on and leave her behind, but he noticed something before doing so. The mare had died with her rear pointed towards the box. Vince hadn’t seen it before, thanks to her tail being in the way, but from the position she was slumped in… he could see her cunt.
And that gave him a deeply uncomfortable tickle in his crotch.
“Wha?! Nu!” He squeaked, disgusted at himself. "Dat a fwuffeh, nu wan hab speshul-huggies wif dat!"
But his body wouldn’t listen to him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the mare’s lifeless corpse, or rather specifically, off of her spread legs and exposed vagina.
He could feel his tiny fluffy pony dick rapidly stiffening, and knew from his time as a human that it would stay that way until he got his release… and there was only one way that was going to happen.

So, choking back his vomit, Vince waddled towards the mare’s corpse, positioning himself behind her as if it was second nature to him now. With himself in place, he thrusted forwards… and almost instantly, felt a nirvana he could never have imagined.
Of course he’d masturbated before as a human (usually to videos of fluffy ponies being beaten to death), but as a fluffy pony, the sensations felt so much more powerful! Every singular thrust was like an orgasm in itself, and in mere seconds, he was completely lost to his pleasure.
“ENF! ENF! ENF!” He squeaked against his will, not consciously noticing his voice as he pounded into the soaking wet corpse. “ENF! ENF! DUMMEH MAWE! NU CAN SAY NU!”
He continued thrusting into the cold, stiff corpse, his tiny dick ploughing into the dead body’s vagina, his mind completely engulfed in the sensations.

It was happening at last, he was having sex! And he was almost done too, he could feel his climax building slowly, slowly, getting nearer every moment, the pressure was almost unbearable! It was happening! He was going to cum inside of someone! At long last, Vince was going to cu-


Vince was launched backwards, landing with a crash against a bin.
“Little fuckin’ shithead…” A slurring voice growled. Vince creaked his eyes open, his mind unable to focus between the blinding pain in his side from where he’d been suddenly kicked, and the crushing disappointing that he had been stopped just before he could nut.
What he saw before him was a homeless man, clearly dishevelled, clad in many layers of filthy, grubby clothing, his skin grimy and covered in small cuts and burises, and a face that looked eighty but was probably only half that at maximum.
“Whuh… gluh… hab owies…” Vince gurgled as he tried to stand up.
“That bish is dead…” The man growled, giving the corpse a kick. “You fuckin’ freak. Go fuck something else, let her rest in peace.”
“Shaddup dummeh!” Vince wheezed, standing back up on shaking legs. “Yoo… yoo gu nao! Weave Vince awone wif mawe!”
“Fuck you, freakshow.” The guy growled, staggering closer to Vince and pulling back his leg for another kick.
Vince felt a gurgling sensation in his stomach, and got an idea. Every fluffy pony’s first, last and only method of self-defence.
“Otay dummeh, hab Vince’s POOPIES!” Vince declared, turning and pointing his rear at the advancing homeless man. He felt his sphincter open as a torrent of filth rushed through his intestines, only wishing he could see the man’s face when he got a load of po-


Vince was launched into the air again, another bolt of searing pain tearing through his body, but this time it was coming from his dick and balls instead.
What he hadn’t realised was, the ‘sorry poopies’ position required pointing his rear directly at his enemy, which left his genitals concerningly exposed. By attempting to fight back against the hobo, he had instead made himself a prime target.
Vince landed with a thump on the ground, the impact winding him badly, leaving him comlpetely incapable of moving, or even talking, as the hobo turned and walked away, picking up the mare corpse as he did.
Vince watched as the hobo carried the corpse by it’s wet, frost-coated mane and walked out of the alley, pausing only to toss the corpse in an open dumpster on the way.
Vince lay and watched, his crushed testicles and damaged cock being all he could actually process, as tears forced their way out of his tiny eyes.

It wasn’t fair! He’d never had sex before, and on his first time (albeit with a corpse but shut up it counts) he hadn’t even been allowed to finish! And now… now he might never have sex ever again!
Vince wanted to scream, but couldn’t get enough air to produce such a sound. Instead he simply let out a tea-kettle-like whistling, which only lasted for three seconds before he had to take another deep inhale.

Some incalculable amount of time later, Vince faded back to reality, his entire body aching and trembling all over.
He nervously got to his feet, glancing around from side to side to make sure the hobo definitely hadn’t come back, then began to creep back towards his box, limping and wobbling with every step as fresh bolts of pain shot through his body.
He collapsed several inches from the box, his body too weak and weary to keep moving, as he felt himself drifting off to a cold, awkward, uncomfortable and pain-filled slumber… only to be interrupted by a sharp, high-pitched voice.

“Hey, dummeh poopie fwuffeh! Dis Smawty wand!”



Hey all. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent of late, I’ve just been feeling kinda creatively spent for a concerning amount of time, hence why this chapter is a bit short.
Thing is, much like most of my stories, I was going to end this somewhere around here… but I’ve come up with a few more ideas for the story, so I’ve tied a knot in this part for now, and I’ll get to work on the others in time.


It’s kinda odd how rare fluffy necrophilia is heh

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I agree but it’s also not something I’m exactly craving more of.


Lived a Virgin, died a necrophiliac


“After all, he is a human, so it’s not surprising.”


That’s not true…

He’s still got a butthole…