When you still can't wing it (by recreationalsadist)

The end result of @Bonnacon choosing the orange and green pegasus with a malformed wing from my Pick a Fluffy’s Fate: Forgotten Foals giveaway.

Punter adopts her, also is under the misapprehension that it is her wonky wing that is the problem, gets a transplant from some other poor fluff, at considerable expense.
She blames him for still not being able to fly.

Holly was a brown and green pegasus fluffy filly. She loved her life, even if she couldn’t fly.

The saferoom she was kept in was full of toys, she had plenty of nummies, and lots of other fluffies to play with. And when she was bigger they’d let her have babbehs! The best things ever!

The next thing Holly knew she’d been snatched up and had her wing cut off.


Ricky Guerra looked down at her with disgust, then spat on her repeatedly.

“No, I need your wing more. I’ve got a sucker who’s going to pay lots of money for a transplant.”

Holly kept crying for the next few minutes until another fluffy surgeon came in.

“Alright, I’m going to be taking your other wing, eyes, tongue, ears, legs, tail, and fluff. apparently the buyer is building a ‘weird thing’ and he needs more parts. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you alive.”

The surgeon leans in close to Holly’s terrified face.

“You’ll still have useful organs in you. TIME FOR INVOLUNTARY SURGERY!”

Herbert Punter looked on anxiously as Real Doctor Unlike Josef Mongola Ricky Guerra worked.

“And you’re sure the transplant will take?”

Ricky flashed him a dazzling smile.

“Trust me, I am the best fluffy surgeon ever to exist. They closed down the school I was taught at because they realized nobody would ever be as good as me. Also because it was unaccredited.”

Safety was an orange and green and brown pegasus fluffy (the brown was on her new wing).

She’d been born with a malformed wing, but now that she had a new one she’d be able to fly!

Her Daddeh had told her he’d been mistaken and pegasus fluffies couldn’t actually fly and he’d paid a lot of money to a fluffy surgeon he suspected was also part of a drug ring for nothing, but Safety knew her Daddeh was wrong. She was mad about that, but she knew the best way to feel better was to fly. She didn’t tell her Daddeh this because she wanted it to be a surprise.

Safety took a running (well trotting) start and then jumped off the highest spot she could find.

That spot was off the top of a bookshelf. Into Herbert’s tank of angry acid-covered rape scorpions.

Herbert looked down at the somehow still-living body of Safety. She was not happy.

“I told you you couldn’t fly.”

“Caff caff, Safety bwame yuuuuuuuu…”

Safety trailed off as she seemed to die. Then her eyes flew open and she screamed as a swarm of angry acid-covered rape scorpions burst out of her body before fleeing to the Mexican border.


The superior pet.