Where Have All The Bowl-Fluffies Gone? [By BFM101]

Many Fluffies exist in the world of Josef Mongola, while the primary types are main quartet of Earthie, Unicorn, Pegasus and Alicorn, there are actually a number of sub-species that exists. Sea-Fluffies are prevalent although the fresh-water based Aqua-Fluffies are the most common type with the salt-water based Sea-Fluffies being a rarer but not wholly unseen sight. Micro-Fluffies are also within the Mongola Universe, but are treated like cockroaches due to their infestation methods, they arrive, take over, are exterminated and disappear only to do the exact same invasion at a different location days later. Currently the rarest Fluffy is the Cow-Fluffy due to it’s low birth-rate – one foal born per litter – but it is recognised as a genuine Fluffy Sub-Species.

There’s also rumours of the rabbit-like Angora Fluffies, and the multi-tailed Kitsune Fluffy, however no sightings have been confirmed since the author wants to keep his options open for a later date.

At the same time, there are also Fluffies that do not exist within the Mongola Universe, scientific madness like Bread-Fluffies or Plant-Fluffies are not in-universe creation since they clash with the more grounded approach to Mongola Literary Universe, or MLU as I’ve decided to call it. Likewise Jellenheimers are not part of the MLU but that’s mostly because the author doesn’t know what the fuck they are.

However, there is one breed of Fluffy that did exist, and yet has gone extinct within the MLU, Bowl-Fluffies are no longer seen within the realm of Josef Mongola but they did at one point. To examine how that came to be, we will be focussing on one family and seeing how their story compares to the regular Fluffy lifestyle, and to the Bowl-Fluffy subspecies.

Divot was a happy feral mare.

She had suffered a lot getting to this point, being part of the only Bowl-Fluffy Family in her herd had infected her childhood with bullying and disgust, the other foals didn’t like her odd shape, her concaved stomach or her wider stance, calling her weird and ‘munstah’. Even the wingie-pointy foals were meanies to her.

As she and her siblings got older, her mummah encouraged her to leave, to find her own place outside the herd, where someone would love her and give her the babbehs she deserved. It took a long time, Divot spent one hot-time and one cold-time outside the herd looking for a mate, until eventually she found a brown Pegasus Stallion who was happy to have anyone as a mate, never mind what they looked like.

Now she was a mummah, her and her mate Stick had found a little burrow next to a forest lake and made camp there, settling in for the arrival of their young. And what wonderful young they were, four babbehs, split evenly between colts and fillies, each as precious and perfect as the next. Divot was a little worried when she saw the half-bowl children didn’t have as pronounced bowl-stomachs as she did, but they all looked, sounded and most importantly smelt good so she didn’t think too much on it.

The fateful day came when the foals were about a week old, Autumn had arrived earlier than expected and the last few days had more rain than the family were comfortable with. Divot lay in her nest, curled around her newly talking babbehs and keeping them safe from the chilling weather.

“Huu, it ok babbehs, daddeh be bak soon, hab nummies so mummah make miwkies.”

“Suu cowdies, nu wike.” Her light brown daughter shivered, the hugs from her dark blue sister and dark green brother not doing enough to keep any of them warm. At her neck, her bestest babbeh, her bright orange son cuddle in closer to her warmth.

“Babbeh nu wike sky wawa, wan bwite-baww come bak.”

“It ok bestesh babbeh, bwite-baww come bak soon, sky wawa hewp gwow gwassies an pwetty fwowas fow Fwuffies tu hab nummies.”

Divot couldn’t remember where she heard that, part of her thought it might have been from one of the mares of her childhood herd, a former domestic who ran away, but it had been so long she couldn’t remember. Either way it stuck with her.

Orange huffed. “Stiww nu wike it.”

“It nu be wong nyo.” Divot tried to console her children. “Daddeh be bak den Fwuffies make biggesh Fwuff-piwe an…”


Divot’s ears perked up as she heard the voice of Stick, but something didn’t sit right, he sounded… frightened. Terrified even.

Concerned, Divot peeked out of the burrow, through the rain lashing at her face she could just make out Stick through the trees, but behind him, a monstrous red unicorn with a mane so black she almost didn’t see it in the dark, and a massive, ugly yellow earthie. The yellow earthie slammed a hoof onto Stick’s back leg, the bone cracked so loudly and so violently that Divot heard it over the rainfall.




The red unicorn heard Divot’s cry and pointed to her burrow. “Take mawe fow hewd, Smawty deaw wiv dummeh poopie.”

Divot didn’t see the stomp that killed her mate, but she heard it. Too scared to be saddened, Divot gathered her children onto her back and scurried off, just ahead of the yellow monster but she knew she wouldn’t be for long. Her only safety was the lake, her one advantage over regular Fluffies.

She made it to the lake with moments to spare, the rain pelting her and her babbehs hard, through the hail like screen of falling water she could just make out a yellow figure moving closer. Divot dropped onto her back and placed herself at the lake’s edge.

“Qwickwy babbehs, intu mummah’s boww.”

The four youngsters, still soaked and shivering, climbed into the bowled stomach of their mother, once all four of them were inside Divot kicked herself backwards and her natural buoyancy took over, safely carrying her and her foals into the middle of the lake, floating away from the dangerous monsters.

Divot let out a sigh of relief as she watched the two meanie Fluffies disappear from view, their faces one of shock and confusion. Finally able to mourn, she cried for Stick’s death, he was such a good mate and an even better father, she would miss him forever.

“Wai mummah hab sad wawas?” Her brown daughter asked.

“Mummah jus miss speciaw-fwiend, nu wan him gu foweba sweepies.”

“It nu mummah’s fauwt, dey wewe wowstesh meanie Fwuffies. Mummah sabe babbehs.”

As three of her children found spots to hug into their mother’s bowl, her orange son had his mind elsewhere.

“Mummah, babbeh nu wike wawa.”

“Nu be scawed bestesh babbeh, mummah boww nu wet wawa gib babbehs huwties.”

“Nu mummah, babbeh nu wike DIS wawa.”

Divot craned her head to see a pool of water settling in her divot, the water-tight nature of her bowled design to ensure floating also meant that water in her bowl couldn’t escape. And with the amount of rain pouring down, that pool was rising quickly.

Divot looked around, the winds were pushing her all sorts of ways, she couldn’t control herself against the currents, she flapped her legs trying to manoeuvre herself, but all she succeeded in was splashing more water into her bowl and onto her foals.

Her blue daughter pissed herself from fright at the sudden freezing splash. “EEEK, NU WIKE! Wai mummah gib wowstesh cowd wawa huwties, am gud babbeh.”

“Mummah sowwy babbeh, bu nu can move in wawa, need find safe-pwace tu git out.”

The foal’s couldn’t see much in the pelting rain, but the could feel the frantic movements of their mother, hear the panicked breathing as she tried and failed to move herself anywhere closer to the shoreline. Her blue daughter, brown daughter and green son all gathered at her bottom end, hugging each other and weeping for the safety of dry-land, all while her orange son gripped onto her neck and cried.


“Nu cwy bestesh babbeh, mummah find safe-pwace soon, den mummah an babbehs can…”

Divot was suddenly cut off by a sharp bob in the water and then a rush of coldness to her bottom half, the weight of her three foals had pushed her bottom low enough that the lake water could now pour inside her bowl. The sharp change in weight distribution caused Divot to flip over, knocking all of her children into the water and placing her face-down into the lake.

Through the clear blue of her new surroundings, Divot could easily and unavoidably watch her two daughters and her green son drift downwards into the murky darkness below, the bubbles of their silent screams stopping moments later. Their young bodies hadn’t fully developed their water-tightness yet, all they could do was sink.

All she had left was her orange son, still clinging onto her neck, but too small, too weak to pull himself up. She cried out to her bestesh babbeh, but her couldn’t hear her through the bubbles. Eventually, the poor foal’s arms gave in and he let go, his exhausted body sinking down to join his siblings. He eyes looking up to his mother with words she could easily understand.

You are the worst mother.

Divot survived for a few moments longer, her bottom half forced to watch her children disappear into a watery grave, her top half feeling the wind whipping against her back, where freedom and oxygen lay if only she could turn herself over.

But every fight to right her body just wore her further and further down, until she couldn’t hold back the darkness anymore, with nothing left in her body, Divot took a final gulp of water and joined her children in the darkness.

Divot’s fate was not exclusive to all bowl-Fluffies but her story did include the reason for their extinction.

For one, all feral bowl-Fluffies met similar fates in the wild, where their concaved design led to them being uprighted and drowning, or in some cases the inability to move properly in the water led some bowl-Fluffies to being stranded and eventually starving to death.

This ease of dying, even by Fluffy standards, led to an issue with breeding. Bowl-Fluffies need other bowl-Fluffies to keep the gene alive, but with slim pickings due to the aforementioned drowning and the ostracising of other Fluffies due to their odd designs – and unlike Alicorns, Bowl-Fluffies didn’t have higher intelligence nor a horn to protect themselves – most Bowl-Fluffies resorted to mating with regular Fluffies, thus diluting the gene.

Across enough generations and eventually the bowl-Fluffy gene is diluted enough to be non-existent. In a breed of animal too stupid to die off, the bowl-Fluffy somehow managed to kill itself through bad design and the inability to fuck properly.

Basically the Fluffy version of a Panda.


Ah, I love pandas. Have the nagging feeling that I wouldn’t love these pests.

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Bowl fluffy foals being too dumb to realise they that their leading themselves to their own demise.

I was Already done with the mare when she had a bestest baby


Well truthfully there’s a biological basis in bowl fluffies picking bestest, since they need help moving their other babies usually so it makes sense to have one that develops more to be a little helper.


As long as It doesn’t mean she just focuses on that baby and treats all the others well


A Hasbio™ design flaw?! The very thought.

Oh yeah absolutely. I do always worry that there’s an inherent psychological aspect of the title “bestest” where it subconsciously instills a bit of an ego in them.

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The bestest schtick is a survival mechanism. I am in fact in favor of it, because fluffies are shit at surviving anyway, and a few mobile packs of food for the mare to prolong the life of her favorite will inevitably lead to a higher chance of survival in the long run.


Hahah this was amazing.

Can I draw this?


If you’ve given me free reign to write up any of your artwork then it’s only fair I give you free reign to draw any of my stories. Go for it.

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Izzy Hue Mann: “Luckily I’m funding a breeding project to bring back bowl fluffies.”

Josef: “Why?”

Izzy: “They provide way more opportunities for abuse than normal fluffies and their genetics mean that if you take the time to slowly boil them alive it makes an incredibly delicious soup.”

Josef: “…well cooking DOES involve science and I DO like soup. Fuck it, I’m in.”


Soup Stock the bowl fluffy: “Huu, nu wike sowwy-pot. Pwease wet Soup Stock outsies.”

(Josef adds more carrots and potatoes)

Actually slowly cooking a bowl fluffy into soup deserves a full length story, I’m going to get on that.
Feel free to write a similar story.


Fun fact - Josef’s favourite soup is French Onion.

Katherine being part French made it from scratch and it was phenomenal

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Its sad panicking would be the worst thing to any bowl fluffies that alone would be their demise in rivers and such, heck fish might give its few reason as well getting wiped out.

Nice lore in your universe, love it.


This type of fluffy always seemed ridiculous to me and very ineffective. It has a good advantage as it is not afraid of water but well I suppose that being first created with toys in mind, they could only live with humans unlike other fluffys that adapted. I would still like those reciprocating genes to reappear from time to time


I don’t know the universe this story is set in (such as the canon or the characters outside of this story),but this is a good story nonetheless. I enjoy stories where fluffies are screwed over,not due to their own bad attitudes or behaviors,but by unfortunate circumstances and bad luck.

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