Where It All Starts (Art by: DelishDelay)

The little fluffy’s eyes finally opened as he awoke from his peaceful nap. Still quite hungry from yesterday’s commotion with mommah, refusing to feed her poopeh babbeh, he was quite surprised to see there was not a mommah at all to be found. Neither were his brothers and sisters, who all lived at the same dumpster he slept beside for quite a while now. He brushed off the little napkin that he used as a blankey, despite it being covered in aged ketchup and mouse urine, and picked himself up from the ground, falling on his butt once or twice in the process.

“Mommah…” He began to waddle helplessly around, his eyes zipping around in confusion as he searched. “Mommah- Mommah-!”

His little body scurried around the alleyway in a frantic search for mommah and his siblings. He checked behind the trash bin, under a stack of papers, piles of clothes… Nothing.

His little heart began to race as he knew he was now all alone. His mommah wasn’t there to protect him, his siblings weren’t there to comfort him. He was so, so hungry. He couldn’t help himself but squeak and chirp as he cried for her, hiding underneath his little blankey, desperately hoping she would return to him.

“Mommah, am so scawed…” He whimpered, as he lay on his blankey on the cold, dirty sidewalk. “Am bad babbeh?”

Idk, just something I felt like making tonight. My first Sadbox.

Jesus I just realized how small those cigarettes are. My bad. 0.0 Didn’t know mice smoked too lol


Where’s a rat trap when you need one?


I wonder where mummah went


chef kiss


Mummah sucks. Don’t use your kids as toilets, lady.


His survival chances aint great buuuuut, id try to find a homeless human, maybe they would take pity and be more accepting of my color and see me as a “way to pass the time” if i go to a new herd im still the “Poopie” so thats not likely to work and humans on the sidewalk are either going somewhere and wont have time to even notice me or if im in a kill state will just hurt/trap me as they go past.

its not gonna be easy little guy but im rooting for ya :glee:

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That poor fluffy just needs love. Love your art


Plenty of fag ends to eat. Welcome to the world shit rat

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Sad days for poopie babies, even feces has some nutrition a baby can digest, now he’ll starve even if he can find solid food.