Where The Foal Wanders Ch.1 By Sorrowkandy

Where The Foal Wanders


By Sorrowkandy

It was a bright Thursday in July and the sun shone down on a small section of city. Tucked in a corner behind a house was a separate apartment unit that was being rented out by a man named Mike. Now Mike lived on his own with the exception of a fluffy he took in since he had found it wandering alone outside his front door. Mike was a man of twenty nine and had a job as a warehouse worker so most of his time was spent at work or just trying to unwind in a various of ways.

The fluffy that Mike had taken in was in fact a green earthie colt that was now a chubby little thing. He would come home and feed it as well as before he took off for the day but would seldom find time to play with it in any capacity. The little foal didn’t even have a proper name yet and so was just called by its color, “Green”. The little thing would beg and plead with him to play and to not leave it alone for it was “scared” of the dark. Mike was always too tired to do anything more than feed the damn thing and then leave it be in the small closet in the hallway that he turned into its little habitat. The little thing would always scratch at the walls and cry but Mike was just too tired to entertain the damn thing.

The time went on and the little green foal was gaining weight fast with the amount it would eat in one sitting, it turned out that Mike’s scoop of dry fluffy kibble was too much and so he decided to stop feeding it so much since it was becoming a little butterball.

*Nom Nom Munch Nom!

“Ok, that’s enough lil guy. Your becoming fat and that can’t be good for you so Imma restrict your food intake from now on” He told the little green thing as he took away the bowl of food it had its fat head burried in.

“Bu bu daddeh!! Nuuu!! Wan nummiieesss!! Huuhuuhuuuu!! Nu! Wan! Nummies!!” The green colt whined as it threw a little tantrum.

The little fluffy stomped its little hooves and shook its head this way and that as it huffed and puffed.

“Now now! That’s not going to get you what you want! You need to calm down or your going to get more darkies time!” He shouted at it as he knew that the threat of more time in the dark would cause it to rethink its actions.

“Nuuuu!! Nu wan dawkies timsies!! Pwees daddeh, ams gud babbeh huuu!!” The fat thing cried as it got on its tummy and thrashed about.

It was the morning and Mike was just about finishing with his little time with the fat green colt and soon he had to be on the road to work, so he grabbed his thermos full of coffee and was then out the front door before he could have another thought.


Two Hours After Mike Has Left

The fat green foal had the light on in his little closet this time and that made him happy since Mike was known to leave it off from time to time leaving the little colt in total darkness for an entire day at a time. This would usually make the colt cry and cry the day away as it curled up and tried not to make bad poopies and peepees in its little vicinity. Today was different however since it seemed that Mike had left the closet door open ajar in his bid to leave quickly. There was a beam of sharp sunlight that was poking through the crack in the doorway and this caught the attention of the fat green colt.

“Daddeh weft dat way! Wan gu wid daddeh, heehee!” The little thing called out and giggled as it started its little waddle towards the sun beam.

The little thing made it to the door and poked its head through and could immediately see the kitchen and the big window in which then sun poked through. It found that its body was too fat to fit through easily so the colt had to wiggled and fight to get through the doorway but eventually made it.

“Owies! Dat huwties!” The thing whined as it tumbled forward from the squeezing through the door.

The foal looked around and tried to take in everything as the whole world was ginormous compared to its little stature.

“Daddeh? Daddeh whewe ams yu! Babbeh ams hewe! Nee nummies an an huggies an an wub!!” daddeh!!” It called out but it was only met by the sound of the air condition unit turning on.

The colt was spooked by the air con unit and started to waddle away from the noise but instead only went toward the back door that was next to the fridge. The little colt looked around in wonder as everything towered over him. The little earthie couldn’t help but marvel as the world around him but he was on a mission to find his daddeh.

“Daddeh! Daaaddehhh!! Huu, wan daddeh!!” The thing cried out as it couldn’t locate its daddeh and so the tears were starting to form on its little face.

There was a doggy door in front of the colt that was attached to the door. The people Mike was renting from had this unit as a sort of guest house but turned it into apartments and so the doggy door was a remnant of the past. This allowed for the neighborhood cats to come and go as the pleased but with Mike being so tired from work and always leaving in a hurry, he hardly ever thought about the little doggy door.

However, this time unfortunately a cat was poking its head inside through the doggy door flap. It looked around and this its head bumped into the little colt.

“Eee! Munstuh!!” The colt cried out as it tried to back away from the cat’s head but it was too late.

The cat had seen the colt and immediately grabbed at the small bio toy by the back fluff hard.

“EEEEEEEE!!! NUUU!!! NU NUM GUD BABBEH!!! DADDDEEEEEEHHHH!!!” The thing screamed as the cat sort of lightly ragged dolled him a bit.

The cat then took the little colt outside with as it ran into a nearby bush with the foal in tow. Once it was laying on its stomach did it set the colt down and begin to bat it back and forth as it played with its prey as cats usually do.


The little chubby colt couldn’t put up anything of a fight and was at the complete mercy of the feline that was just pawing at it. The little thing just screamed and cried but eventually the cat was chased away by a bigger tom cat that charged at it. The casts screeched and hissed at each other as they ignored the foal and concentrated on each other. The little chubby colt saw his opportunity to take off and so he struggled to get up onto his little shaking legs but his hooves felt like they were made of stone.

“Muve weggies! Babbeh nee ged way!!” The foal pleaded but was eventually able to start its little waddle to safety.

The chubby bio toy soon was down all the way through the back tunnel that was the bush network that lined the main house. The colt waddled and pushed forward and as it closed its eyes for a split second from being tired it suddenly bumped into something soft.

“Eeep!” A voice let out.

When the green colt fell back on its little fat rump and opened its eyes it could see that it had bumped into an orange eathie foal. In fact, there was two foals in front of him, an orange earthie and a blue wingie foal. The two looked startled to see him but their expressions softened when they saw it was another foal.

“Babbehs?” The green foal asked as it cocked its head to the side in confusion.

“Wook bwudduh, anuddeh expwowin babbeh teehee!!” The orange earthie colt exclaimed to its so-called brother.

The blue wingie colt looked the green foal up and down and then shook its head.

“Yus, dat ams anuddeh expwowin babbeh.” The blue one confirmed as it nodded its little head.

The two brothers babbled with each other for a bit as the green foal just stood there until they turned to the green earthie.

“Babbeh wan be expwowin babbeh tu?” The blue one asked as it looked at Green.

“Expwowin babbeh?” Green asked confused.

“Yus, babbeh cum an an pway! We’s bein bwave expwowin babbehs! Cum wid babbehs an pway!” The blue one told Green happily as it pointed its head in the direction, they were heading in.

The two started to waddled away in the direction heading down the corridor through the bushes.

“Wait! Wait fo babbeh!! Nu weave babbeh!!” Green yelled out as he tried to keep up with the two self-proclaimed explorin babbehs.

He waddled behind the two brothers while they babbled happily to each other. He tried to call their attention but they paid him no mind as they moved along. Eventually the pair stopped and were busy looking at something as they stood still as stone. They were no longer babbling and their eyes were glued to the same spot. Green was just busy trying to get up front with the two brothers. He pushed his way in between the two and was asking what they were looking at when he saw it.

“hhheeewwp…” A tiny voice crept out slowly.

The three of them had come upon a little yellow foal, although this foal had its back legs missing. It was also scarred up with lots of its fluff missing here and there but somehow it still managed to resemble a foal as mangled as it was. It kept one eye closed as it had a giant slash over it but it looked right at them as it lay on its side.

“hhhheeewp bbabbbeehhh…haabbs hhuuwwwtttiiieeess…huuu…” The yellow earthie colt pleaded.

It huffed and puffed as it tried to draw in breath but it would sputter and cough every so often.

“Dat ams babbeh?” The orange foal asked in shock to its brother.

“Yus, dat ams babbeh, bu bu babbeh habs wowstest huwties!” The blue brother affirmed as it started to freak out a bit.

Green couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he had never seen anything like that before. His earliest memories where of his mummah carrying him and then putting him down to play in the grass while she went to look for nummies. Besides his mummah he had never seen many other fluffies now that he thought about it. The three of them continued to look at the injured yellow foal as is tried to raise its head to look at them.

The two brothers were still stuck looking at the poor thing when the blue brother finally bit into the orange ones side fluff and started to pull him past the hurt foal.

“Nuu…pwweeeesss…hewp babbeh…wan mummah…” It continued to plead with the group.

Green tried to go up and hug the tattered foal as its deep programming demanded it do when the yellow foal let out an enormous yelp of pain. Green dropped the foal as it looked down at it with extreme confusion.

“Bu bu huggies make evewyding bettuh…”

Green noticed the two brothers getting further and further away and got scarred at the prospect of being alone with the hurt foal. The way it looked scared Green and filled him with feelings he struggled to process. He then turned to waddled towards the brothers who were now getting much further away when the yellow foal reached out and hugged his left hind leg.

“pwwees huuhuuhuuu…nu weeeve… hewp…” It pleaded with its only good eye as wide as it could go with fat tears forming.

Green only yelped and shook its leg free from the yellow colts grasp and waddled as fast as it could behind the brothers. Eventually Green caught up and the three of them were now at the end of the bush corridor and were looking at the open grass area that was the middle of the yard. The three looked on in wonder as they wondered where to go next.

“Dat babbeh ams scawwy! Gib babbeh scawdies bwudduh!” The orange colt said out loud as it remembered the injuered yellow colt.

The Blue brother shook his head.

“Dat ams bad babbeh, an munstuh ged babbeh fo nummies cuz babbeh ams bad babbeh.” The blue one states.

Green just stares into the wide-open space with wonderment as it had never seen such pretty grass before. Without further waiting Green waddled into the open space happily giggling as he did so. The orange colt noticed Green running along and thought it was a game of huggy tag that was going down so he then waddled after. The blue brother was not long to follow as he then giggled out as well, now convinced that it was a game they were playing.

“Gon getchu!” The orange colt called out

“Babbeh ams gon getchu, hee hee!!” The blue wingie joined in calling out as his little wings fluttered with excitement.

The life of foals was always one of playing games almost at every turn so it was in their programing to go along with such things. The three were happily and merrily waddling along as they babbled about happy fluffy things when suddenly the orange foal fell behind.

“Eeeeeee!!! Owies!! Huwties!!” The orange foal yelled out.

Green halted at the ugly sound of the orange colt in terror and fright. The blue brother stopped almost at once and turned around to see that his brother had gotten his leg stuck in the mouth of big ant hill. They were massive looking ants to the colts and they swarmed all over the orange foal almost immediately. The orange foal was struggling to get its back hoof free from the grip of the ant hill but it was like a vice on him. It didn’t help that the ant had been apparently fighting a wasp that had landed in their midst and as it was trying to get away it pulled up next to the struggling orange colt. The wasp wasted no time in stinging the poor little thing over and over again before it was over taken by the voracious ants.

The blue brother and Green stood dancing on the edge of the chaos not wanting to get covered in ants as well but still wanting to help.

“Bwudduh! Come hewe! Come tu good bwudduh!!” The blue one called out to its struggling brother.

“AGK! HEEEWP!! AKK!!” The orange earthie choked out as a bunch of ants were now crawling all over its face and were now getting into its mouth.

It wasn’t long until they were making their way into the colts’ nostrils but the orange colt summoned the strength to yank it leg free from all the panic that was coursing through its little body from all bites it was receiving from the ants all around him. The foal waddled in a very hurt way towards the sound of its blue brother who was still shouting for him to come towards them. When the orange colt made its way to then edge of the ant’s area, he collapsed in front of his brother and Green. The blue wingie colt hugged his brother right away but shouted as the same ants that were stuck in the orange fluff transferred onto him. Now the blue brother was busy waddling back and forth as a few ants were now biting him mercilessly. The blue one rolled on the grass as the orange one just lay there in a sort of defeat.

Green went over and looked down on the orange colt as it lay on its stomach moaning and could see that its eyes were swollen shut along with its nostrils as it struggled to breathe through its mouth.

“Uhhhhgg… heeewwp babbeh…” The ornage one said moaning and whining as it started to cry.

Green winced at the sight of the ants that were still on him and were busy biting him all over. The blue brother however had managed to roll enough to get all the ants off of him and was now busy going over and biting the ants off his orange brother who just lay there moaning still.

Once the blue once had gotten most of what he could off he tried to hug his brother but thew brother only lay limply in his hooves. It looked like he was blind and deaf from the ants also going into is ear cavity and causing havoc in there. The orange foal was now shouting and whining at top volume with his eyes closed.

“BWUDDUH!? WHEWE AMS YUU!!?? AMS SCAWDIES!! HUUHUUUHUUUU!!” The orange brother cried out with much fear in his voice, it even trembled with every syllable.

“Ams hewe bwudduh! Ams otay, ams hewe!” He shouted as he gave the trembling colt a tight hug.

“WAN MUMMAH!! AMS SCAWDIES!! MUUUUMMMAHHH!!” The orange colt shouted out as it was panicking all over again.

The blue wingie colt tried his best to calm his brother down but nothing seemed to work.

“Bu bu, bwudduh nu knu whewe ams mummah!! MUMMAH!! MUUUUMMMAHH!! CUM HEWP BABBEHS!! NU WAN BE EXPWOWIN BABBEH NU MO!! HUUUU!!” The blue one wailed out as he began to explode into tears at the end of his plea.

Green saw all this and sat there as the two brothers shouted out in terror for their mother who never came. They sat there under the hot sun as they didn’t know where to go and the two brothers waited for the mother thinking that she would show up at any moment.

Night Time

The three were now shivering as the cool air blew through their tiny bit of fluff. The three huddled together in a small fluffpile as the two brothers continued to wail and call out to their mother. Green was now hungry like never before but when he tried to eat some of the grass that was beneath him it tasted bitter and he spit it out right away. He missed his dry fluffy kibble his daddeh would give him and wondered if he would ever see his daddeh again.

“HUUUHUUUHUUU!!! MUUUUUMMMAHHHH!!!” The brothers shouted out together in unison.

“Babbeh!! Babbeh mummah ams commin!!” A voice could be heard coming from out of the darkness.

It turned out to be a big ol dirty white mare that came waddling from out of the dark. She had a ton of different types of leaves and bits of food trash stuck into her back fluff. It seemed that she had been out gathering food when she left the two brothers in the nest when they decided to play explorin babbehs again only this time the went off further than before. The mare was now all over the two of them as she hugged and kissed the brothers.

“Yay mummah!! Wub mummah!!” The blue colt cried out with supreme happiness in his voice.

“HUUUHUUU!!! MUUMMAHH!! CANS SMEWW MUMMAH!!” The orange foal shouted out as he couldn’t see or hear his mother although it could feel and smell her.

The mare was busy trying to get the orange colt to calm down as she hugged him tightly when suddenly a little white fluffed head poked its head out of some trash that was on the mares back.

“Chirp chirp! Peep!” the little white puffball let out as it looked around in a funny way.

“Speshuw bwudduh yay!! Wub mummah and speshuw bwudduh!” The blue wingie colt let out as it heard its little brother cheeping away from its safe perch.

It seemed like the white brother was as bit smaller than the other two and didn’t seem to be able to talk much as Green could tell but introduced himself all the same.

“Hewwo! Ams Gween expwowin babbeh!! An wub nue fwens!” Green blurted out as the mare than took notice of him.

“Dis ams babbehs new fwen? oh babbeh aways habbin expwowin babbeh fwens tee hee!” The mare said as she chuckled at the thought of another explorin babbeh.

“Bu mummah told babbeh nu tu gu outside nestie! An tu nu pway expwowin babbehs!” The mare said with a sudden change in tone as she got made at the two brothers.

She then started to give them little bops all over their bodies. She hit them on the head and on their backs as they tried to crawl away.

“Eeeeee!!! Nuuu!! Huwties mummah!! Huwties!!” The blue brother cried out as he received his punishment.

“Huuuuuuu…AGK!” The orange colt let out as he took his helping of punishment.

The orange colt couldn’t crawl away and could barley move so he just lay there and took it as he sobbed and wailed. When the mare was done the orange colt had blood slowly dripping out of its little nose.

HUUUUU!! TASTE BOOBOO JUICE!!” the orange colt yelled out as he tasted the blood.

“Now babbeh fwen can cum tu nestie bu den nee go tu yo mummch, otay” The dirty white mare told the green foal as he could only nod in response.

After much pulling and prodding it was clear that the orange colt could not make it far without collapsing from all the ant bites it had gone through. The mare decided to heft the orange foal onto her back with a grunt as it was clear that carrying the little white colt and orange brother was proving to be quite heavy. The mare chugged along as only she knew where they were going as the blue wingie colt and Green only followed behind the mare. She grunted and would stop every so often taking in a breath but would keep on going forward. After what felt like forever the group made it to the side of the house and on the other side of the fence as they waddled through the open gate. It seemed the mare had made a nest out of a dirty old box that belonged to the packaging for a microwave. Its roof was caving in but inside was a filthy nest made out of old rags, newspaper, and multiple leaves strewn about.

When they entered the box the mare dumped the orange and white colts into the main nest area as she then went to ruffle out all the nummies she had managed to find in her outing. She put everything edible into a pile in the corner.

Green’s stomach could be audibly heard rumbling as he did a little dance of hunger.

“Babbeh fwen ams hungies? Hewe habs some nummie fwowew!” The mare exclaimed as she then passed a dry purple flower towards Greens front hooves.

Green was so hungry that it didn’t matter what it was he was going to eat it, although when he bit into it, it too was very bitter but did manage to have a sweet after taste. All in all Green only missed his daddehs kibble even more and was starting to tear up at not having his daddeh around.

“Huuuhuuuhuuuu!! Daddeh!! Wan daddeh!! Babbeh ams scawdies daddeh!!” He called out with his head raised up to the sky.

“Babbeh wan gu wid daddeh? Otay, den gu wid daddeh den.” The mare said as she gave the green colt a little nudge with her snout.

“Bu bu nu knu whewe ams daddeh, an an babbeh ams habs scawdiiiieeeeess!!” The green colt said as he trailed off into sobbing.

“Shhhhh id ams otay babbeh, mummah ams hewe an babbeh can stay wid mummah and mummahs babbehs. Id ams otay…” The mare told the crying colt as he then raised his front hooves instinctively for a hug.

The mare gave the green colt a hug and welcomed him into the fold as she then got everyone settled in for the night so they could sleep.

Green got into the fluffpile and was happy to do so since it usually slept alone on top of a few socks at his daddehs house but now he was with a family all tucked in about to go to sleep. The cheeping of the white brother soon fell silent as he too fell off to sleep and then before anyone knew it, they were all out like a light.


Wow didn’t even tell her about the yellow foal, this guy is clearly a heartless psychopath smarty, I recommend violent castration and pillowing and after that daddeh makes him watch the family die in front of him very slowly and very painfully.

No but seriously good story, hope the little guy gets back to his daddeh with a new friend to play with while daddeh’s away.


Bit of a leap there.


All around very endearing, can’t wait to see what happens

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See this is what i love. No horrible abuser doing things, no smarty raping kids to death, just explorin babbehs being fucking destroyed by ants