Where's baby? - Part 2 Original story "Where's the baby?" written by Virgil (skettiswipuh) --- translated by Larur --- Adaptation and Art: Inshi

I didn’t think about this until now, but the subtle neglect of making the brown one eat last is a really nice detail.


I didn’t notice that. Now I hope mummah suffers horribly.


This comic is really, really good.


I dunno, she’s only got two milkie places. SOMEONE has to eat last, maybe it’s just his turn?


Great story.


Hahahahahaha hilarious way how she kills her shitty blue foal!

“bestest babbeh’s” are always idiotic brats.


I like to imagine another death to Waterfall, instead of breaking his neck he stays trapped in the grid, the sun and heat start to slowly kill him at a few minutes he gets blind by the light, because fluffy’s are stupid enough to close It’s eyes, he start to have sun burns and cuts from the hot grid aroud his neck, uncaplebe of doing nothing he start to get desperate asking for help but nobody is capaple of help him in the end he dies from the heat saying nothing but “wan die”.


That is an interesting point ngl… also the exposure could make their fluff brittle and fall out due to the dehydration or heat stroke.

So he also would get bald huh, this keep gettin better, because i know would be just a meter of time until this ass become a smart, and babe is a shitrat as well she could have loved caramel but in a situation were both her babies could be saved with no dificult she would have only saved waterfall and left caramel to die.

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That’s a death I had considered. But I wanted Waterfall to be an impetuous and foolhardy fluff that paid for his hubris.

Heat Deaths happen all over the world, every single year.
If you want to write that story, you absolutely can and should! :vigoda:

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Ahhh, internal decapitation. Fun for fluffies of any age!