Which one is best? By Mlgbunnyiscool


I like 1 and 5.


I like the first one.


I like 1 and 4 the best, but I also like 2. It kinda reminds me of Spirited Away.

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1 or 3

One and/or three.

Four to five look like it’s leaking.

I like one and six.

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At this level of art detail I like 3 and 5. The black outline helps visibility a lot. If you were doing something really detailed then it’d look weird, but for here it looks good.

One and two


One, two and six depending on context. For example six looks like a just held off bout of crying showing through. Two is a bit stylized, kinda an effect for dramatization. And one is just letting the sadness out.

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1 and 6.

For me it’s 1 (realistic) 2 (realistic but more visible) and 5 (cartoony)

Rate my tear list moment

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1 or 6