Why do I keep getting 429 errors?



Same. Tried to heart your post a got another error lol


I threw this out in the chat the other day. Ryou basically just said I might be clicking links or sending messages too fast


Skill issue


Was getting a lot of them earlier today myself. Seems to have cleared up now though. Might have just been a patch of high server load.

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I would assume this to be a measure put in place by the gifted technicians that recently migrated our server to a new home, to keep the new server from being overwhelmed with requests.
(something which has crashed our website in the past)


It happens when you try to fetch too many links too quickly. Sometimes when I want to read a long story that is split into multiple pages I’ll open them all at once and I’ll get the error. It’s just flood protection.

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Just to chime in on this, as people have mentioned, it’s a system of Discourse to prevent spamming the server with requests. Historically, the site has been too slow to even hit this threshold, but now that the server is faster and people can browse the site more quickly, ironically enough they now get throttled.

Here’s a list of limitations in place:

DISCOURSE_MAX_REQS_PER_IP_MODE : default block, this rate limit applies out of the box. (other options are warn, warn+block, and none)

DISCOURSE_MAX_REQS_PER_IP_PER_MINUTE: number of requests per IP per minute (default is 200)

DISCOURSE_MAX_REQS_PER_IP_PER_10_SECONDS: number of requests per IP per 10 seconds (default is 50)

DISCOURSE_MAX_ASSET_REQS_PER_IP_PER_10_SECONDS: number of asset (avatars/css) requests per IP per 10 seconds (default is 200)

DISCOURSE_MAX_REQS_RATE_LIMIT_ON_PRIVATE: should the rate limit apply to private IPs accessing Discourse? default is false.

DISCOURSE_SKIP_PER_IP_RATE_LIMIT_TRUST_LEVEL: user per user rate limits vs up rate limits for users with this trust level or more (default 1)

From these settings, we have some options we could try tweaking. I’m certain people are hitting the number of requests per IP per 10 seconds or number of requests per IP per minute thresholds, which happens easily if you open a bunch of tabs or browse quickly. If we double those, it should get rid of the issues.

Outside of that, I could change the DISCOURSE_MAX_REQS_PER_IP_MODE to default to warn instead, that wouldn’t get rid of the issue, but would just warn instead of block you. I’ll look into it.


I’ve been thinking, is it possible the chat box is responsible for some of this? I sometimes get 429 errors despite not doing a lot of browsing, but instead idle-browsing while talking in the chat. If each chat message counts as a request, I can imagine people hitting the limit a lot faster than expected.

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I don’t use the chatbox personally, so for me it can’t be this.

while were asking questions, how do you join the controversial group again?

3 lines at the top right → groups

ty, got locked out of my account. had to make a new one.

What was your previous name by the way?

Could be, would explain why they showed up after the chatbox. But in any case, I’ve disabled the limiter now, so it should not longer be an issue. If it is, make a new thread or contact me directly.

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