Why "Wowstest" is the worst. Part 1 (by: Sour_cream)

I wanna try posting text stories while adding a picture depicting the highlight of the story.
Since it is easier that making a whole ass comic.

In a Fluffy Shelter, a mare and her 6 foals were told to prepare for someone is going to meet them.
He won’t be their “nyu daddeh” just a stranger getting to know them.
That stranger would be Mark,a college student aspiring to be a veterinarian.
Ever since fluffies became a thing, fluffy medicine were added to the course.
This interview is a project.

Mark arrived in the room and were greeted by the family.
It is said that this family have 1 adult mare and 6 foals, there is only 5 foals.
Mark looked at the litter box and saw the final foal, it’s a poopy, crying all by itself the family paid no attention to it, except for the gray foal constantly looking back at it with an angry face.

Mark: hello fluffies I’m Mark, I’m here to get to know all of you.

Wawa: hewwow mistah mawk! Am Wawa an dis am mah famiwy.

The foals are happy said there hellos, but Mark keep observing Wawa.
She is a monochrome aqua blue fluffy with some large darker blue spots all over her body.
Probably where she got her name from.

Dotty: mummah can Dotty pway instead ob tawkies wid mistah Mawk, pwease mummah.

Wawa looked at Mark about to ask the same question, but immediately Mark answered.

Mark: it’s ok Dotty, I’m only here to talk to your mama.


With that the foals ran to their toys.

Mark: alright Wawa, let’s start with where did you come from, did you have an old mommy or daddy?

Wawa: nu, am outside fwuffy, onwy hab hewd, nebah hab mummeh ow daddeh.

Mark: ok. Tell me about your babbies.

Mark and Wawa walk around the room as Wawa introduce her foals the Mark.
First was Mark already know the surprisingly polite and calm “bestest babbeh”.

Wawa: dis am Dotty, the bestest babbeh ebah. Dotty am da bestest at wat odda babbehs am good at.

Dotty is a white unicorn fluffy with dots of various color and a orange mane and tail.
He is playing with blocks talking to himself on how smart he is and how good at block stacking he is.
Mark is not worried at the potential smarty, he know this shelter will immediately kill any smarty and bitch mare.

Wawa: dis am Pinky, mummahs pwetty pointy-wingie babbeh.

Mark is surprised at the calmness of the family knowing there is an alicorn. Pinky continued hugging the ball unaware with the conversation.

Mark: are you not scared of her?


Mark was shocked at the mares protectiveness, at least Pinky won’t squished, he thought to himself.
He wonders why Pinky have only one wing, he will ask WAWA later.
Next they approached a green pegasus foal sleeping on top a teddy bear bigger than her, Mark noticed she is smaller compared to her siblings.

Mark: is she always that small?

Wawa: yus. Gweeny am the smawwest babbeh dat come out ob Wawa’s babbeh pwase. Smewwed wike bad babbeh but Wawa gib wots ob huggies an wub an miwkies. Nao gweeny onwy hab wittwe bad babbeh smeww, bu dat onwy mean gweeny stiww nee mow wuggies an wub an miwkies.

Mark is impressed by her care for the runt, especially since Hasbio programed them to discard any imperfections in there products.
This begs the question:why care for a runt and an alicorn but not a poopy foal?
Guess he’ll find out soon.
Next there are some “tunnels” when a blue earthy foal pops out.

Bluey: MUMMAH WOOK! Foun tweats fwom espwowin.

Wawa: das gud babbeh shawe wid odah bebbehs.

Mark: does that including the poopie foal?

Wawa: nu. Wowstest nu desewbe anyfing.

They finally reach the gray earthy foal holding a toy threatening the unwanted foal to stay in the litter box.

Wawa: dis am Wocky, da bwavest babbeh.

Mark hears the poopie foal saying " nu desewbe dis" and “nu faiw”.
Mark could not contain it any longer he wants to know why the ugly foal is in the litter box, even if he gets an unsatisfying answer.

Mark: Wawa why is the a baby in the the litter box? Is it because he looks like poop?

Wawa: nu Wowstest am dew because wowstest du many bad fings . . . . .

Mark raised an eyebrow confused what could such pathetic creature do to receive such punishment.

Wawa: . . . . . An eben mow wowstest fings.


Interesting story so fair I’m assuming the brown one had somthing to do with the missing eye and wing? But we shall see next time I assume ;p


Wowstesh is a war criminal, I’m calling it now


Blue needs to explore a bear trap.


i wonder, did brown really do anything wrong?


Dottys existence upset me greatly. :gotsketties:

Rockys gonna be a big ole toughie when he grows up :slight_smile: (assuming he make it that far heres a tip rocky being super nice to dotty, befreind the bestest befreind the mummah)


What about him that upsets you?
Just curious

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I bet the worst babbeh gouged out his brother rocky eye in a Fight
That would explain why rocky its avoiding the poopie baby to leave the litter box


Its not that shes a bad fluff, bestests will evetually get that entitled “im bestest only i matter” often early on bestest are just spoilt but not spitefull.

but looking at the others you know shes never going to know pain or want for anything that isnt going to be given to her by her mummah, rocky lost a eye mummah probably didnt care, dotty could of been the one who did it and the mummah will punish rocky because “bestest never do anything wrong, you shouldnt of messyies dottys pretty hoof with your blood”

not dottys fault ofc but it is going to ruin her later on which will give her a bad case of BMS which in turn will cuase her babbehs to suffer the same heirarchy for her generation rinse and repeat until all fluffies become little hellgremlins and not even the more innocent hugboxer can resist killing on sight the abominations of what used to be nice demostic pets.

(This is all headcannon ofc)


Interesting that such a decent mare would have a worstest. I’m with everyone else, wondering if he caused the missing eye and wing, or if he’s a patsy.

Greeny is a cute little guy. I’d tuck him against my chest and carry him around.


Great work!


who do you think orchestrated 9/11 to start the Iraq war ?


Cawl Wobe.

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I’d love this so much more if it were readable. Good start though, I love the departure from the standard cancerous poopie white-knighting that usually stinks this place up!

Also, we have some serious issues with dialogue and continuity here.

For example, Mark (should have just called him Anon if you’re going to be that uncreative with names, imo) asks “Aren’t you scared of her?” referring to Pinky’s alicornism. Wawa overreacts and becomes defensive, and threatens Mark on her daughter’s behalf if he ever calls her a monster again…

…except he didn’t call her a monster, or even imply it. Their only previous exchange regarding the topic was the above line, which—especially to the notoriously dense Fluffy mind, is ostensibly unrelated. Even if Wawa did make the connection, her dialogue is written as though she’s directly addressing something Mark said where he used that word. If I had guess, I’d say they’re’s probably a deleted line where he mentions that sometimes alicorns are seen as monsters.

Having an experienced editor can help catch these things.

Another is the odd wording here:

…No matter what words you sub here, it still sounds weird. Like what do you expect the answer to be? “No, sometimes she grows to ten and a half feet tall…”

That isn’t even going into things like theire/there/they’re mixups and other noticeable English abuses.

All that said, you’re clearly new to writing and nobody’s perfect when they start. Get an editor/proofreader, practice whenever you can, and enjoy yourself.

Also: Did you draw the image that’s attached to this? If you did, pretty neat.


Haha I usually do my post half asleep


It’d be funny if worstest isn’t actually a poopy, but rather that he’s been forced to spend so much time in the litterbox that it’s permanently stained his coat.