Woes of a New Owner, Chapter 20 - Story by iasche, Art by gr1m_1

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Chapter 21


eyo, whats a jellenheimer doin in his house


We really should have a Yukkuri tag.

ay woes of a new owner! i really dig this story, its a big feels trip and the ending feels very satisfying :slight_smile: skippy is one of the best bois!

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There aren’t any yukkuri in this story.
What is that recommendation based on?

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this panel, the owner is watchign yukuri content


I’m the guy that reposted this story and I hadn’t even noticed that.
Probably because when I was working on getting this reposted, I still hadn’t heard of yukkuri yet.


Uh oh. If this man likes hurting cute reimu bean blobs, then he should have already murdered skippy imo. Yukkis are actually cute and innocent creatures who deserve next to none of the abuse given to them, unlike fluffy shitrats.

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Interesting to see yukkuri in this comic. I had been wondering how much of the community was aware that fluffies borrowed heavily from yukkuri culture, if not being an entirely Americanized version of them.

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I remember the comparisons coming up a lot and being discussed back in the 2016 era but they didn’t quite feel the same to me for some reason so I never got into it.