Would You Incorporate Antechinus biology in art or story ?

Hello this is a weird post sorry, i been reading national geographic and came across a strange marsupial critter with an unusual biology flaw. This is the Antechinus, it looks like a mouse or shrew and is quite small and it gotten the short end of the evolution stick. For you see, its mating season is an absolute nightmare fest! Basically their body pumps a cocktail of testosterone and stress hormones, this causes their fur to fall out. In addition, their body devotes all its resorces to mating… so everything else will shut down which includes internal bleeding, its immune system will stop preventing diseases or infections and will become gangenous and fall off… Basically they become mindless mating zombies as they are disolving into mush as they can mate up to 14hrs. (Still not as messed up as Bedbug mating tbh)

Visual interpretation:

So i wondered, what if this idea was used in art and interacted with Fluffies. Such as extracting the DNA of this critter and concoct a potent aphrodisiac out of it and gave it to fluffies in various ways such as:

  • a spray to coat their food.
  • adminstered directly via injection.
  • produced in the shape of a fluffy gummy treat.
  • dispersed in the air via those plugin air fresheners placed into the safe room

And many more ways i cant think of yet. This could be used by breeders wanting to get the most out of 1 stallion and multiple mares; an abuser wanted to torment a feral family with this or just any ferals just to watch them melt into goo from the potent concoction or it could be the perfect punishment for a spoiled foal/fluffy or even a feral smarty (and maybe herd) barging into your garden and demanding you to give them mares to enf (may be more of an insult if you own a fluffy) and give them just what they deserve.
Do you think this would fit in your art or stories?