Wowtest Stompies (moonie)


What type of fluffy was that?

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McGonagall breed.


Or do you mean the dead babbeh


You give the stomp, I GIVE THE STOMP!


Cut the offending leg off. Then the other and through her out side fora few days with her dead baby around her neck with a sign saying ‘i murdered my baby’ Bring her in after a few days and feed her parsley.


Why parsley?

She going to be pregnant. Don’t know what kind of genes the various stallions that mostly like enf her had.

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Oh. Duh! I wasn’t thinking along those lines but that makes sense!

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Good. Now take her legs and sell her as a milkbag

Its still the oddest bit of Fluffy lore that they can kill each other so easily. It fits the early jokes that Fluffies dying is the opposite of the immovable object, the ever-moving object, so anything kills them.

But logically, they need a hard enough hoof and enough muscle not only in their leg, but their other legs and their back to project enough force without injuring themselves. Given their limbs are twist-off, they don’t have the musculature. Often their hooves are portrayed as fat sacks resembling hooves or at most just leathery.

They rarely just snap the spine or give internal damage to the intestines which are plausible, instead instantly flattening all bones, muscles, and organs flat with little effort and spilling out intestines relatively uncut. Theoretically they should crack their own bones, collapse their hoof, tear their leg muscles, and fuck up their back before they can collapse a skull or rib cage via a minute beatdown. Even if a Chirpy has soft cartilage it should be difficult, Talkies and especially other adult Fluffies should be all bone to the point that depending on the size of the Fluffy even a human would need some substantial force for an immediate kill.

“Sowwy Hoofsies” should be “Oh Enf, why did Fwuffy fink dis good idea?! Hoofsies”. Their teeth should be a bigger threat, since at least with those they could tear off ears, snouts, tails, and ironically enough hooves.

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But the baby’s could be valuable

Or sickly or worth very little, better not to risk it.

that sounds like a headcanon that the artist hasn’t expressed in their own work. i do believe the ‘twist off limbs’ idea is from another creator altogether.

even if a fluffy doesn’t have the musculature or hard hooves to give effective kicks or stomps, they still have all their body weight. if a full grown fluffy is that fragile, a foal is going to be all the more vulnerable.

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Hmmm… If you wanna see the shitrat torn apart… Take off any ID tags on it, and throw it in front of a pack of Grunties… They will rip it apart :slight_smile:

Dead baby

this is what happens when you let the tv teach a fluffy. You need to teach them yourself

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Sometimes hearing it from a human isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to be shown what you’re doing is wrong.


What a shitty mare.

Nah. Just another shitty mare that’s better off dead.