'' Wrong affective selection ''(By: JoseAzteca)

Hola gente. Aquí otro dibujo abuses que hice hace un par de meses antes de comenzar a procrastinar. Sí, el fluffy está empalado desde la parte inferior de su cuello llegando hasta su boca por culpa de querer a un pequeño potro marrón… .

Hello people. Here’s another abuse drawing I did a couple of months ago before I started procrastinating. Yes, the fluffy is impaled from the bottom of its neck to its mouth because of wanting a little brown colt …

On the poster it says:
Do not bother
This fluffy wanted to take care of a brown foal.
So you are getting what you deserve. -Jose Jacinto Sanzon


Querer a los bebés popo? Eso es ilegal aquí al parecer D:
Tienes un estilo bastante lindo!


Love the coloring!

I’ll huuhuu later on. I really need to figure out how you did this first.


“No hay bebés popo en Nueva España”.

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The fluffy take a risk and pay the price for it.