Wuv Nyu Enfie-Piwwow (federalchemical1728)

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been a while since i posted some degenerate shit, just popping in to rectify that. i wanted to see if i could show off their size difference better bc consistent sizing has never been something i worried too much about in my art ptbhtbhbthbt
for the record, Riley is abnormally large & Riket is a fully-grown runt

(also im sure i was inspired by Axle’s First Day With Brute :heart:)

((i have so many doodles & random little bits of bullshit & i have a vague idea of doing some kind of Doodle Dump but FUCK that’s a lot of work. Doctors, Paid Art, and Maintenance Of My Flesh Prison all take priority. and the best part about it is i already know you guys are gonna be supportive. so thank you and i love you ;w; ))


Takes their roleplay seriously I guess. Or another level? Idk


this is the best horrorbox ive ever seen. i probably wont be able to sleep tonight

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How are these two so cute?


Pick a color for her eyebrows goddamnit, are they black or blonde?? My facial recognition software already sucks with HUMAN faces, you can’t just make these flippant changes on a NON human face at me like that!! Your art is magnificent.


Awww… Enfie Pal become Spescul Fwiend… Wait is Riket a Mare???

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this is very kawaii (⁠。⁠・⁠/⁠/⁠ε⁠/⁠/⁠・⁠。⁠)

Love these two so much!

ah i love these babys! love em love em love em!!

Riket is genderless, but was born with mare parts. part of their character arc is that they whined & cried every day until the breeding center staff just cut their teats off so they’d shut the fuck up about it.

squeaky wheel gets the double mastectomy :ok_hand:


Nah I’m adding you to the sus list
:face_with_raised_eyebrow::camera_flash: Evidence secure

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too late ive been on the sus list for years already lol

i was there when they WROTE the sus list


Oh they’re such a cute couple!


(post deleted by author)

Then it’s just more evidence you sussy baka


Uhh what happened here

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Federal answered their question and I didn’t wanna stack on by answering again after I realized.


This is moderately concerning and disturbing, but I’m glad they’re getting along.

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