Yall should i continue my The Farmland Fluffys series?

The story’s setup isn’t great, and I’m not sure if I want to continue writing this story because I have ideas for other ones and I’m so far not liking this one.


if thats the case you should just scrap it.

what I like to do is start writing until I have a bunch, then either re-write it better, throw it in the trash, or take parts from it an expand on that while discarding the rest.

You can apply this logic to finishing something too, just start writing without thinking too hard and see if there’s a direction you want to go in or if something comes to mind while writing. (then re-write, try again, or delete all of it, or something in between)

Since I seem to be a pretty bad writer, I was considering making comics for my stories instead, but that will take some time, so I’m not sure.

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Do whatever you feel is best. If you think it isnt what you wanted then you can discontinue it. There are plenty of writers on the site and many will be willing to give you advice if you ask. If you think you will be better at comics then give it a shot! People here will be really patient with uploads since they understand how long works take. Just try some things out and decide what you think is best, ask for help when you need it, and remember that we all will support you as you go!

If you don’t like it, stop.

You can always come back if you want.

Just don’t burn yourself out!

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I consider fluffy stories to be the “minor league” of writing.
Here you can make mistakes without suffering huge penalties.
Here you can hone your skills without a ton of condemnation.
If you’re enjoying what you’re writing, then by all means, continue!
If you’re not feeling it anymore, move on to something else.

Honestly ive loved all the stories ive read from you so far, your wayyy to harsh on yourself, dont compare your work to others as its a bad way to gaslight yourself into thinking your bad, your a good write so dont give up hope!

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