You can't see the poopies, if you can't hear the one who made them. (by: artist-kun)


Holy shit is that a smart fluffy.


Oh yeah tha is a soon to be in enormus Pain Fluffy maybe even dead Fluffy :rofl:


The pile is nearly as tall as you, moron!


That right even if your ass and legs are stain with your own shit, daddy won’t know.

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there’s a question i always ask to myself: how much a fluffy eat per day? i ask because most of the time a fluffy manage to crap the double of it weight, and that shit cannot be produce inside of them out of anything.

but still, one thing for sure is that this fluffie is gonna get a good punishment when his/her owner sees this.

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I sense a big sorry sticking coming.

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Till the smell gives you away little shite

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AK showing the various fluffy tactics for dealing with a similar situation. :slight_smile:

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When the owner walks in:

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don’t forget the

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Now I want to see a fluffy do the cardboard box thing.

Check the ass for shit. No way to hide that.

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Foolish little fluffy, oh how foolish you are my dear