Your Standard Fluff Famiwy [ CoronaryHeatingProcedure ]

This is my attempt at designing “regular fluffys”.

I absolutely adore the variety of designs the artists in this community came up with, so it was hard to decide what to do with mine. I wanted something simple to draw, with enough room for add ons like patterns and such. Very pleased with the results.

Sidenote: I´d like to think that since fluffies are spread across the globe, other artist´s renditions of the " standard fluff " is due to adaptation/evolution or differences in production in the Hasbio labs. In other words, they all exist and if I ever decide to do fanart I wont just turn them into my version.


Yes !
I totally agree with that interpretation.

I main kitsune fluffies, but can draw normal ones too.


The babbehs are to die for. I need to hold one.