16 - Poopie Babbehs by Deliverance

When sales of non-bright or pastel colored Fluffies sharply declined the Hasbio™ Gene-Gurus test-introduced a prototype of this behavior in some mill mare clusters, the purpose was to make them automatically place those foals in designated areas so they could be easily reclaimed and recycled into miscellaneous products, after the PETA raid in Hasbio™’s R&D megabuilding many of these mares integrated with regular breeders, introducing the behavior into the general Fluffy population.


So Fluffies were being sold before thePETA raid here?


Yes, Hasbio™ wisely only sold infertile products, then PETA set the breeders free, unleashing them into the world.


:frowning: feel sorry to those poppie babies.

@Deliverance did peta got sued from that stunt they did?


I think it’s far more believable if nothing at all happened to the organization.


Darn :persevere: just reading NekuChan’s twisted hugbox is got me angry that they did this then tellin weird shit on fluffies and blaming them while killing them. Its just confusing cause they are at fault there,in the story that is.


I like that Deliverance fluffies don’t get their fur color right away. I like to think those brown fluffies got their share of milk before their mom realized of their colors.


Her free trail of life has Been Revoked.


Oh, nice worldbuilding wrinkle. This behaviour having been programmed in makes the abuse of mares for doing this particularly questionable.

What tickles me is that the design department could have made autumnal-coated foals self-terminating long before viability if they’d been thinking about welfare at all. I bet this was the cheaper, quicker patch and someone vaguely planned to fix it after MVP launch. (IME this is why the concept of MVP is actively harmful to project development, but that’s a rant for another time.)


This sort of still fits with my headcanon in that Hasbio initially intended to artificially manage certain population sizes, but ultimately after the PETA incident the general population was out of their hands, and only new breeds and further development of designer fluffies was left. As for the general population, that initial small subset would have had the trait which got watered down through mass feral breeding, but the psychology of disliking bad colours was reinforced in certain populations socially either though learning from other fluffies or human intervention.

The preponderance of data suggests to me that the behaviour can be corrected in a large portion of the population, but there’s no guarantee.


I still don’t think programming fluffies to discriminate makes sense. It would be like a car manufacturer building every new car with a bomb in them to make faulty units easier to dispose of - and then letting an experimental low-power driving computer detonate it at its own discretion without any human input.

Compare that to a breeding facility where humans with actual knowledge of the show, aesthetics, foals health and the current market demand pick the foals they deem sellable. I highly doubt a Hasbio breeding facility for highly valuable hi-tech biotoys would ever be designed to function without humans checking the breeders at least once per litter.


That’s (unfortunately) how PETA usually operates now too. As Virgil said, it’s actually more believable since they already get away with actual animal abuse. Screw PETA.


Karma will bite your ass

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On top of this, I can’t picture boys and men wanting bright pastel pink and purple fluffies. There has to be a market for browns and greens.


In truth if I saw that I would mostly like count punt the bitch…and take the babies and give them a good home

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Yeah but early on they were probably only really selling the pastel and neon colored ones. If the facility was raided when they were still early in production they were probably only focusing on good colors, hence the preference. It would also make sense if you consider that some fluffies later just viewed all babies as good babies, that is more than likely a later series of fluffy. The early ones have the more hell-gremlin behavior and as later and newer series escape and become feral it starts correcting some of this behavior.

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This didn’t address the idea of how insane the idea of putting the culling mechanism into the biotoys themselves would be. Even if there weren’t any more pressing design concerns to fix first like the bowels and general stupidity, culling for color would be a thousand times easier and million times less risky to do by hand or machine at the breeding facility. And can you even imagine the lawsuits and public outrage if they sold toys with “kill all darkies” literally programmed into their genes?

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Dude this is supposed to be corporate America, of course they would do something like that. Like seriously, stuff like this happens all the time. Costco in the past 12 years sold a toy which was a black child doll with the words “lil monkey” written on its beanie. Like I seriously wouldn’t put it past them. Hell how many businesses continue to have their products made in the People’s Republic of China despite the prevalence of slave labor?

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And that doll was enough to spark outrage even before the modern social justice madness got everyone walking on eggshells.

But again, the main point is that not even the most neglectful, corner-cutting Chinese fluffymill would ever design the fluffies to cull themselves. There’s a risk of stupid fluffies not recognizing a worthless baby - not to mention a much greater risk of them mistaking a valuable one as worthless. Don’t you think a place like Hasbio - especially when fluffies were still going to be an expensive premium pet - would have anyone check that their breeders were okay after giving birth anyway? Seems a lot easier to pick out the ugly foals along with the rest of afterbirth than designing their genome for this particular task that can literally cause nothing but trouble once the product is shipped.

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The doll still made it into production and ended up on the shelves of costcos all over the country. The fact that a product like that passed through layers of bureaucracy and made it into production and ended up on store shelves shows that not all companies are so vigilant and usually blunder into these situations. Also if fluffies are genetically programmed then why wouldn’t there be the assumption that they are just bio computers? Hell deliverance’s art even depicts them as saying their warranty is voided because of abuse and misuse by the consumer.