31 - Poopeh Babbeh by Deliverance

Seems Dorabella didn’t loved all her babbehs forever after all.

Full size here.


She is right :smiley:
And you ! stop crying and num this shit D:<


Good call crying, the salt will help season the poop.


I like to think no babbeh is a poopie babbeh, but I get the feeling this babbeh would be happy to be a stompie babbeh.


Would have smack the mare if she did that to the poor foal :persevere: hope the owner at least help the poor thing.


He looks sturdy enough to get by without Dorabella anyway. Chin up, lil guy!


Guess Dorabella saw the fluff come in and was like… YEET, nu poopie babbehs!


That green fly is the genius touch


You know, it suddenly occurs to me that Fluffies who are color supremacist would have a dim view of humans.

We’re all shades of pinks and browns, most hair is dull yellow, brown, shades of orange, or black.

Aside from gingers and any pale folk with artificially dyed hair, humans would all kind of look like Poopies. So the combination of “gives all the good things” and “OBEY” stamped instinctively into their minds is the only reason Smarties and lesser color supremacists would tolerate humans, and explains succinctly why Hasbio failed with Smarties; they think they can bully humans like a Poopie.


This actually makes her an even worse mother considering the fact that in your canon where they’re born hairless, she had to stop loving the foal rather than not loving it ever. Like does she actually love any of her foals at all? Or was she just looking for an aesthetic pay off? Should we even feel bad for the baby or any fluffy assuming it’d do the same if the shoe was on the other foot? After all, in Tolkien when a bigger orc eats a smaller orc, we don’t feel that bad for the smaller orc because it also presumably ate orcs smaller than it. And seeing as how fluffies unlike Uruk Hai are a minor annoyance but are just, if not more evil shouldn’t we all just apathetically murder em?

@Thk Yeah if brown = hate that means fluffies are racists. Which then makes human abuse much more justified and means Hasbio would be twitter cancelled six ways from sunday.




Bad mares get all of their foals dyed brown.


Eh, Fluffies are a malfunctioned prototype product that’s had plenty of ToS violation through breeding, probably at-home genetic fuckery from mad scientists, and depending on canon mixing with other company knockoffs.

They can argue it as an unintended effect from the testing phase.

Bringing up Tolkien is odd. In many ways, it fits very well with Fluffies.
Dude had a very hard time with Orcs, almost didn’t publish anything after The Hobbit because of it and waffled his entire life since it was incompatible with his devout Christian beliefs. He wanted a race that killing was automatically justified, but didn’t want God (Eru Illuvitar in his universe) to have created a pure evil race of any kind (the Balrog is actually a lesser spirit, the same kind of being as Gandalf) nor Morgoth AKA Satan to be capable of creating life at all. He described them as basically Mongolian monkeys (recall that Hobbits are tall enough to pass as Orcs, and Goblins are even smaller), possibly by channeling old European fear of Mongol invaders and taking a step towards them being intelligent animals. But he still was never comfortable with it, and proposed a lot of ideas in letters to friends, lectures, and his notes. He also provided some subtext in LotR that the Orcs sometimes had a sense of honor and loyalty, and the warband raiders the Hobbits encountered were often just miserable suicide troops looking to eke out comfort from the pain of others.

When he died he left the canon and many, MANY unfinished works to his son Christopher who spent his life organizing and finishing them. Christopher explained it like this; when the Elves furst awoke and wandered the world as innocent newborns, they heard Morgoth whispering that the world was hostile and great evil beings would hurt them. When Orome (basically a mega angel) found the Elves, some believed the whispers and fled. Morgoth captured them and bred them, mixing them with man when they first appeared, creating a desecrated (but not evil) race. Christopher was sure to note that no race stood united in Morgoth’s war, implying there was evil Elves and heroic Orcs.
The final stroke was begun by JRR and reinforced by Christopher; the story is an in-universe account. The Red Book Of Westmarch is the book Bilbo is writing, which basically is meant to represent The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, you see him in the movies writing it. It began from his perspective, Frodo finished it, Sam edited and compiled it. Pippin retrieved it from Westmarch in his old age, making edits as well, the scribes of Gondor made further alterations through the years, and its gone through an entire age of history or two and multiple languages since then until some modern day human or Hobbit compiles it into the version you hold in your hands. Good Orcs may not be present because Bilbo and Frodo never encountered them, or they may have been edited out or switched to another race due to mistranslation through the centuries. People do note that Mordor, being volcanic, would have fantastic farmland and the Orc army couldn’t survive on pillage alone.

Interpret this via Fluffies? Superior Fluffies were not the prototypes PETA unleashed, those were degraded. True, perfect Fluffies exist still in Hasbio labs. Or maybe that Orcy (inb4 Ork jokes) Fluffies are those who run away from their owners, and become ferals. There’s good Fluffies among the degraded ones, but given they’re a fucking ever-present blight and you mostly just see the selfish, idiotic, disgusting problem-causers then archeologists looking back to that period of history would think they are evil vermin. Also, maybe add some Kinslayer good Fluffies that wanted a go-cart on order to chase down and kill the creator who let PETA into the main lab in the first place, I dunno. I guess Jellens would be Ungoliant and Shelob? But which Fluffy OC is the candidate for Tom Bombadil?

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ok simp.

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This reminded me of ‘Poopie Dreams - snail king’.

. . .I had a chuckle picturing if various ‘single foal dreaming of love in poop’ comics were all in the same relative alley and the brown foals managed to band together and form a bad colored herd.

Are you implying @THK wants to fuck fluffies or do you just not know what simp means?

fluffy do not care about human skin colour.
only fluffy pony colour.

Ok but that still has nothing to do with being a simp.


bro don’t over think A MEME.

Single words aren’t memes.

Actually, technically all words are memes. The original definition of meme is anything that transfers one human thought to another human, meaning everything is a meme basically.