A bit of smarties (UnhealthyObsession)

The toilet stuff and bare faces are optional, don’t worry! Chubbiness and short legs are harder to discard, but some fluffies have thick legs while others have toothpick-thin ones, so there is variation. Whatever you make, I look forward to seeing it and would be happy to give you constructive criticism (if you want any).


I’m going to be perfectly straight with you

It seems like you don’t like fluffies

so why even be here lol


This is what a fluffy is. I’m not sure you like fluffies, I think you just want to post pony OCs. Which is okay. But that’s what Derpibooru is for, not FluffyCommunity.


Арт классный,но у тебя с дизайном явные проблемы.Шеи и конечности слишком длинные для пушистиков,в идеале они должны выглядеть как буханка хлеба с коротенькими ножками и почти незаметными короткими шеями,а это просто среднестатистические персонажи MLP.Дизайн самих пушистиков был основан на Флаффи Пафф (анл. Fluffle Puff),так что основываясь именно на дизайне данного персонажа тебе и стоит рисовать пушистиков.Ну а если тебе это не по нраву,Derpibooru вниз по коридору и налево.

Don’t write to me about the dissimilarity with fluffy ponies, I already understand and will try to improve in the future.

Не пишите мне о несхожести с флаффи пони, я уже понял и постараюсь исправиться в дальнейшем.

Да я уже понял

While I understand that criticism can be difficult to accept, hostility will not help you here.

Хотя я понимаю, что критику может быть трудно принять, враждебность здесь вам не поможет.

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Sorry if I seemed hostile to you. I didn’t have such a goal :’

We understand there are some people that like to have differences in their works that they post here. It’s just when you described the things that you didn’t like about fluffies, it was almost like saying you didn’t like a giraffe because it had a long neck.

I don’t imagine anyone intends to sound like a dick or accuse you of trying to be too hostile, but we have had a few incidents like this in the past. That’s why people will be quick to point out the change in what is considered the norm, as well as be ready for any pushback when the new person tries to say that we’re “unwilling to accept new members”

At least you haven’t resorted to calling the entire community a bunch of slurs once people brought this up :slight_smile: .


Those aren’t original, and they aren’t fluffies. They’re My Little Pony knockoffs, and you’re a gay retard if you think otherwise. :myeh: