A Fluffy Story: Part 5 by FluffyOD

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To be continued!

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Honestly, if the guy managed to climb up to the window then I say he deserves his suicide. Little bastard’s more dexterous than I thought.


I think this mummah needs some more torment and suffering. Her faces don’t look satisfying enough yet. All her babbehs were too broken though so maybe she’s just defective. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Its always a good day when fluffyOD uploads, even if I was minutes from making more drywall holes


I’ve said this before, but I love how you draw fluffies. They’re basically pure fat and supremely abuseable.

Also that second panel is extra delicious. Something about the happy fluffies on the poster juxtaposed with the slaughtered foal and the miserable mummah is just perfect.


Why did he kill himself? A few hugs and that baby would be totally fine.

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Well the mare get what she deserves.

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Mentally was he to much tortured by his mother I guess to.


Love you man. @Skrelptastic you too obviously.

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Like my dude @No9999999 said, his “daddeh” threw his brother out the window and his mummah who just broke his ribs did nothing about it. It was a dead end for that babbeh.

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I was being sarcastic.
Notice the “A few hugs and that baby would be totally fine” part.

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My bad, I’m retarded.

Shit, this is serious,
Hope he falls on something soft and plush…

Just to be mowed by wolfs or cats

I’ve been waiting for a new part of this for a while now.

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I got distracted with that whacky animal guy (which I didn’t think anyone would even like) and No Nut November. Plus, I unfortunately only have access to a computer 2 days a week so I can’t crank this shit out as much as I’d like to. Sometimes I’ll find myself sitting at home with ideas swimming around in my head and I’m itching to get onto mspaint, but I can’t. I post at least one comic a week. I think since I joined the community I’ve only missed 1 week not uploading because I took the week off of work or some shit where I get all my (fluffy) work done.

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Man, that is brutal, but yeah agree. She was being neglectful to begin with so why not make her suffer more right?

Last panel was ahead of it’s time - kratos walks off cliff meme (extended version) - YouTube