A Kitsune Bubble Bath (by: PeppermintParchment)

Kitsune Bath for AMDk7

I made this for @AMDk7 , based on their version of a Kitsune Fluffy. It also features their OC from their most recent Rambo story, named Snowy.

Kitsune fluffies don’t mind baths as much as regular fluffies, since it keeps their tails clean!


To be fair snowy, you also thought that playdough spaghetti was actual food and we remember how that turned out. ~pets snowy~


Water is only bad for bad fluffies.


Love this!


Water is only bad for dumb Fluffies who don’t do as they’re fucking told.

Do you do what you’re told Snowy?


Brain meltingly cute.
This will be my mental image of Snowy now.
( just with black highlights)

An ungodly mess with a fretting pure white fluffy thats not pure white anymore ?

She does …so far.


Literally a case of ‘shitting a brick’. The issue with fluffies in these scenarios is when it gest stuck somewhere towards the end and then the pressure starts to build up.

It’ll probably end with a shit powered clay bullet getting launched at termendous psi’s.

Which then hits another fluffy in the face.
Ive seen how these things go.

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I really enjoy seeing fluffies bathing! Especially thos ethat enjoy the wawa : D

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It mostly depends on the individual kitsune fluffy.
They have all been bred to accept and deal with water and baths better then normal fluffies, because of their massive tails.
But some like\dislike it more then others.

This one really loves water.

This is also a link to the story where Snowy first apepars.

With a Diabetes inducing extended ending.
I know i had to reach for insulin pens after writing it.

I may have ideas for this kitsune fluffy in the picture but that depends on @PeppermintParchment