A Moment of Joy (TG_89)

It occurred to me as I was working on this that I don’t really respond to a whole lot of replies, so I just wanted to take this opportunity to say hey, I appreciate all the positive responses my stuff has gotten, it’s a very big motivator to continue working and trying to improve - however long it might take to reach a point where I’m happy.

With that being said, as always, feedback and/or critique - especially critique - is both welcomed and invited.


See this is why disposal should be done out of sight.

Keeps the products from whinging too much.


Also less likely to cause stress miscarriage. From a business standpoint this worker is an idiot, she has no control of the colors she plops out. Treat her well and reap the benefits.


Yeah right, happy mummah, healthy babies = lots of money
Now they will lose a potential good mare.


I wouldve drugged the mare then examined the foals… but thats just me. Also have her keep the runt and brown one just to keep her happy for productivity


Serves her right for producing shit. Beat the bad DNA out of her or make her into dog food. Fluffies are a dime-a-dozen plague that mature like rabbits. Easy to drag up some more.

Love industrial abuse, TG.


Note to self … fire the f#cking moron who kills in front of mares and start training those who can do so out sight … got it


Thank God, was getting worried by the influx of huggy shit. Keep it up, this style is great.


I look at this and think wow, this guy has no empathy at all, he full on kills two of her foal in front of her and takes the rest like it’s as normal as getting milk from the fridge.


Easier to get her asleep induce birth and take em with out her ever knowing leave her with the poopie and say it’s her only babbeh then once she’s preggo again tell her it’s getting a new home.

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Meh, the entire point is they only care about the short term. Gotta cut corners and get a litter a few weeks earlier, because shaving that dust off the penny. :facepalm:

Yeah, it does seem quantity over quality attitude. Even the crueler industrial abuse canons use the foals to ‘prevent derping’. If I was doing abuse angle, I’d get them fattened up, then make food with them. The more cynical companies would probably do that and sell the meat to supermarkets while telling mothers they’re getting adopted. Never mind what happens afterward they’re delivered.

If I was doing neutralbox, then you’re right, this seems more like bored employees/short-term thinking.

If I was doing hugbox, then they’d shut down the farm. (This actually happened in one story at least, although definitely not hugbox comic)

LOL, welcome to Fluffy Pony abuse category.


I’m surprised they are even breeding a brown mare in the first place. Most of her foals are brown or red, what did they expect?

You bring up some interesting points tbh. On a neutralbox or hugbox standpoint I’d put the rejected ones into a shelter or worst case scenario euthanize and recycle their nutrients into spaghetti mince for the sauce to brighten up the mare when told her foals are gone.
I have some experience with breeding profession stuff but mostly its quality over quantity because my dad breeds hunting dogs and our family hates puppy farms or similar ones of that nature. So hypothetically if I had a home-run breeding side-gig going on I’d try to be as humane as possible whilst trying to keep a neutral standpoint on it. I’d have a large shed fitted with 2 pens seperated by a metal grid both with cameras. The second one is primarily for seperating the mare from the foals to wean them off. This may be an unorthodox way of doing it but I’d pump the Mare’s milk and feed them using saucer bowls for a week or two and later on I’d soak the milk with some kibble to get them lapping into solid foods. Id also try to have the mare socialise with the foals and not isolate them for long periods of time not to stress either out. But I’d either be in the same room or be closeby with the cameras.

But i do t know what I’d do if the mare shows signs of BMS or if the stallion or foals show signs of smarty syndrome.

Sorry if i was lost in a train of thought there :sweat_smile:

I want to see more stories of fluffies having babies, the babies being all cute and stuff, hugging and feeding and stuff, and th

Wait I’m confused. Did the brown foal survive or is that a different one in the incubator?

You are doing great, i like your art style, a balance between simple and sofisticaded

Its the black one with the two tones, looks like brown because of the yellow light of the incubator

Fun fact: In many cannons the brown fluffies can breed rare colors fluffies, even alicorns with very rare colors, more even that preety colors fluffies. Of course, these creatures have the all shitiest luck of their kin are racist and the most stupidiest creature never created for the human(in the fiction) But i guess that’s the joke of all these and the charge of irony of all that

Now shes gonna be under high levels of stress during pregnancy, upping the rate of still births and deformity

Come on breeder guy, you are better then this at least take them into another room first or let her keep one for the 6 weeks and then pretend to give it a give home once its time to breed her again. (give her one of the poopie ones we want to sell the good ones ofc)

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A toy that can make more randomized toys, a product. Quality control should be swift and without hesitation.

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