Abandoned Angel Part 2 [author:SpaghettiDave] [id:17168]

Abandoned Angel
Part 2: Not da mummah!

Robert returned home to the shrill chirping and begging of his new fluffy foal. She was a deep blue Pegasus with a dark green mane and tail. She was also nearly dead when he found her freezing outside. A hot bath and warm food and some sleep seems to have revived her faster than he expected. Robert hadn’t expected much, as he would not have been shocked to have found the small foal dead upon returning.

Chirp! Chirp! “Mummah! Chirp Miwk!”

Over and over. And over and over.

And over.

I can see how torturing them is a hobby. Hell, I probably would’ve abandoned her too. He towered over the bowl which safely held the foal. Her eyes were open now, and with her size he guessed her at four or five days old. She stared at him. Her deep green eye staring directly into his own. “I’m not your mummah.”

“Mummah!” The chirps became more frantic as the foal scrambled as best she could to the wall of the bowl.

“Your mom abandoned you. She didn’t want you.” Robert said softly as his fingers closed around the foal’s body. Such a small and soft body. “I’m your daddy, now.” The foal, from nature or from programming knew that word. Maybe it was even his scent, as if she knew he saved her. But she calmed down and again stared into his eyes.

The calm did not last long, unfortunately. CHIRP! “DADDEH MIWK!” CHIRP! This will not do, not at all. Well… he though at the little ball of blue and green fuzz, today it’ll work.

“Okay, okay.” Leaving her in the bowl he made another mixture of actual fluffy foal food. He held the foal on her back in one hand, her tiny hooves twitching in the air as he fed her with his free hand. “For now,” Robert began while feeding his new fluffy, “you’re gonna stay with me. I wouldn’t mind a pet and some company. Besides, you’re kinda….” His words trailed off as the foal happily defecated onto his hand. Needed more room for food? I heard they are shit machines. “Guess it’s time for another bath.”

Becoming accustomed to handling the foal now, he not so gently shoved her backside under the water. The shock of the warm water brought an unbelievable volume from such a tiny body. Shrieks and chirps punctuated by “Nu!” Wings and legs flailing! He unceremoniously placed her back on the towel and dried her off again. She looked dejected, her damp tail between her legs. Fluffies don’t like water and they especially don’t like baths.

The foal, calm now, plopped down on the towel and gazed at Robert with her half closed eyes. Time to set up her new bed and home. Robert set the bundle, towel and foal and all, into a shallow box. The box, along with several other boxes and bags from his recent shopping excursion ended in up in the bedroom to create his temporary fluffy home.

A two foot by two foot box sat on the floor, inches from the bed. The walls were much too high for her to escape. Inside was a small rodent water bottle, no dish of water, didn’t want the baby to drown. A heating rock for lizards wrapped with soft towels and topped with a bright yellow blanket. Half of the box was the new temporary litter box.

Robert sat on the floor next to her new home. He lifted her out of the bowl, she just squirmed happily, “wub daddeh!” She exclaimed, hugging his fingers. Her wings flapping, her tail wagging. They sat there as the minutes went by as he pet and fed attention to his new addition as she hugged and bounced in his hand. Eventually he set her down on her new bed.

“I don’t know if you understand me… “ Robert points, “That’s litter. You go poopie in there. Not on yourself. Not on your blanket.” The foal just tilts her head. Is she playing dumb? “There is water in there,” he taps on the bottle, demonstrating. “And this is your bed. Nice and warm.” He pats the blanket wrapped heating stone. She just hugs onto his hand mumbling about “Wub daddeh.”

“Bedtime, little girl.” Robert announced standing and pulling his hand away.

The foal sat back reaching up with her tiny hooves. “Daddeh!”

“Bedtime. Sleepies.”

“Wub! Daddeh!” Her hooves waving in the air.

“Bedtime.“ He gave her a quick pet and walked away to prepare for bed. The lamp now the only illumination. The only noise her whimpers for her new daddy. That night Robert went to sleep with his arm hanging to the floor, the baby fluffy curled against his hand. “Good night, Angel.”

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Thanks to @pillows for reuploading.


I salute Robert for his resolve to keep his pet out of his bed. It’s cute so far.

What every dad says when a new pet is gotten then after that he is wearing sweaters with the pets face on it