An illustrated booru post (by makeaccount)

This made my nu nu stick gwow big n stwong

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Gr8 B8 M8.
Some people really do take fluffy ponies way too seriously.

And then people say it’s always abusers stirring shit, and hugboxers do no wrong. Yes, I had to listen to this kinda shit on PMs… Imagine being so mad you do THIS and post online, I can almost see the author screeching from behind his screen.

Fiction-wise, since fluffies are as real as the Easter Bunny, liking the defecating, mentally handicapped shitrats that make everything they touch tainted and stained is insanity, and abuse is almost self-defense.

Allow me to tell what exactly “infuriates” (note the quotation marks) me about fluffies.

First is the forced cuteness with the tart-speak that is programmed to make them adorable but makes them irritating and even hard to understand at times. “Am fwuffeh, gib huggies an’ wub an’ sketties an… pbbbbbbbbt”… Fuck that, lol.

But that being said, it isn’t even the worst part, the real deal breaker is their logic, Their choices seem to always lead to self-harm an/or harming other fluffies, animals and humans and damage to human properties. Willingly or not, they wreck and ruin anything they touch, because they don’t know any better, and in real life whole species were hunted down, poisoned and experimented upon for a lot less.

Why would anyone care about creatures this flawed that most canons even consider biotoys and not proper living beings anyway? Categorize them as vermin, wipe the world clean, start over. From a moral point of view, it’d even be wrong to waste food and resources to feed a fluffy that isn’t a living thing when you could use those to help real animals and people in need. Give kibble to stray dogs and cats (which I do in real life), give the spaghetti to the homeless (which I have done before).

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this hugboxer wrote a better abuse story than a lot of abusers lmao

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Should’ve just stopped at pointing that fluffies aren’t real. The rest of the paragraphs kinda goes against that point.

…anyway wow you guys still like to bring up this particular anon post? It’s just some anon.

’once asked by a fluffy, ‘wai mistah neva haf spechul fwen?’

I laughed for way too long at this.

where do weirdboxers fit into this?

Was it worth it?

Yes, yes it was, it is and it will ever be till the end of times.

This Post is the Truth. Hugboxer are insane People with intense Trauma and are very dangerous. Redditors are Subhumans by the Way.

I hate Fluffies because they’re naive. They are representing everything i hate about Humanity.

i stand with u L.AVaught of Weirdbox


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Am I really the only person who reads this as taking sadistic pleasure in the fluffies’ suffering under the guise of a rant about abusers?

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Hmmm. I was following until the part where it pointed out other fluffies would call them “dummeh babbehs who didn’t have weggies”. That just makes it clear that these babies would do the same thing if they had legs and were introduced to a legless baby. Therefore they are horrible by nature and there’s no reason to feel bad for them.

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But there’s something the original poster missed. Empathy is the core of true sadism, and that fantasy, similar to violent video games, is the point for abusers. Fluffies are the tragedy to the comedy of Happy Tree Friends, and you are the one without a functioning brain if you only hugbox.

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I miss Micron so much

Dude this comment violates rules by normalizing violence towards people. I’d recommend removing before you get a ban.

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I’m willing to die for my ideals

Okay edgelord

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Someone in this thread being like