An illustrated booru post (by makeaccount)

A sketties… The Booru anons. There’s something I don’t miss.

Not that the poster can differentiate Reality from fiction based on the whole post

Alternate Title: MLP fan got lost and decided to preach
that all abusers are not human while stating that we dehumanized these fluffies all while being high and mighty and not seeing the hypocrisy of his own statement.


no one has time to read this

Ha, baby caused me to be happy splurting soap. And, yes, I know that logically none of the newborns actions warrant a tortured death. I’m fine with that. I’m also not going to delete the herd from the single action of a newborn. I understand that the mare didn’t get to teach the babe about using the litter box, so my wrath won’t be active at the time.


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Uh, the spirit of this dead thread, I guess

Holy shit… do you do commissions? Cus your fluffy designs…


abuse more like art of war👌

Was it worth it? This is not a matter of worth. It is a matter of principle. All fluffies are an aberration and an insult to God and must die in the most prolonged, excruciatingly painful way.


“Was it worth it?”





Its just a drawing sir

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Yes! Although I would have just buried them alive after lightning them on fire and rolling them in broken glass and rock salt.

Yes. And I’ll do it again if the mood strikes me. Maybe next time, I won’t stop at their legs. That’s the beauty of these things: no one’s coming to save them from me.

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God I love this comic so much, fucking masterwork

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Once asked by a Fluffy “Why mistah nevah haf speshul fwen” Hilarious

wielding human abuse “Hi, inner child. I’m the inner babysitter.”