Antarctic Fluffys (by Booperino)

Inspired by Arctic Fluffies (by bee)

Antarctic fluffys i’d imagine whould have a much more chill (pun intended) life, sharing territory with penguins.

I think would be cute if penguins “adopted” fluffys in their families, being a source of warmth and comfyness, they could also help them with hatching eggs if needed, some fluffys even going as far as calling penguins “biwdy bwudahs”

The cold enviroment means the fluffys spend more energy and resources for heat management, which means antarctic fluffy mares tend to have single babys as opposed to the litters from regular fluffys.

With the lack of sketties or kible, they learned with penguins how to hunt and eat fish

The biggest danger are seals and whales during their fishing hunts, but smarter fluffys know better to not go alone and will hunt with other fluffys or with birdy brothers. Ocasional smartys do happen, but the lower antarctic fluffy populaion means its near impossible to create a feral heard, since most fluffys are confortable spending their lives with penguins

Thanks again @Bee for the inspiration :slight_smile:


Cute with the harsh survival artic fluffys have a lesser chance of population explosion.


The penguin in the first pic looks like his eyebrows are screaming “The fuck are you playing for when there’s goddamn fish to catch?”


to be fair, some penguins do have them big ol eyebrows XD tho im not sure antarctic ones do, im no biologist lol


Emperor Penguins are one of few species on Earth that may be stupider than fluffies. What they go through to reproduce is absurd. The rest of penguinkind (esp. those in, say, Madagascar) just look at the “Emperors” and shake their heads sadly. “Emperor penguin?” They think. “More like Emperor of Fuck all.”. Idiots spend the Antarctic winter huddling in a windswept plain because for some reason that’s the only place they will lay their eggs.

Though the Emperors can, at least, say “well, at least we aren’t koalas.” Fluffies are goddamn geniuses compared to koalas.


Oh my god. Imagine a story where a koala handler takes care of a few especially dumb fluffies and is completely fine because the fluffies’ idiocy is still nothing compared to koalas’.


“Where nummies?”
“Right here, on the plate.”
“Nu, nummies am on branchies. Please feed fwuffy?”
“Look, right here, these are leaves, they’re food.”
“Nu, nummies am on branchies.”