Are there any guides for drawing fluffies?

I want to try making a few fluffy animations at some point but I’d like some guides on drawing the proportions right. Just the general basic shapes to start with.

I’ve found a couple but any additional ones would be welcome.



I’d like to know too

There’s not really any super concrete guidelines for their proportions so you have a good bit of leeway to design them as you see fit. Honestly just try adapting stylistic choices you like and make it your own from there. As far as formal guides or art process pieces, I think Neku Chan’s guide is the best I’ve seen if you haven’t found that one already.


i normally go by, the body is the size of 2 heads, legs are smoll nubby (I often fail at this step-) and then just a bunch of circly shapes to get things feeling round and squishy


I need to get around to re-uploading all the tutorials I’ve seen over the years. Some of the greats like @Carpdime and @SqueakyFriend made some excellent tutorials.

I know I can link to where I reposted them on Reddit, for the time being.

I wouldn’t call my tutorial “excellent”, but I do indeed have a tutorial over here! It’s a little bit outdated for how I draw them now, but the overall process is the same so close enough.


“Add a haystack” is by far my favorite art instruction of all time

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I always just wing it, so this may not be so helpful

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the fun thing about fluffies is that they’re super simple to design and add or take away things from their overall design. like pictured below is how i personally draw fluffies

i draw them using mostly circles, lines, and a bean shape for the body as my guides to fully sketch a fluffy and from there i add stuff to make a design.

but if you’re saying you want to animate fluffies i’d definitely recommend keeping it simple in terms of detail as to make having to draw them over and over again for frames to be easier (you don’t have to do that of course, like i said it just makes it easier.)

but overall just have fun with them!

there is no wrong or right way to draw a fluffy as such there is no guide, so draw whatever you like call it a fluffy and it becomes a fluffy

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Oval for body rectangles for legs have a half circle for hooves circle for head add details and your done that’s a fluffy at the most simple standards