Are there any stories where fluffies get revenge on humans?

I wouldn’t call myself a total hugboxer because sometimes those little shits reeeally deserve it. But for every good fluffy that gets rescued and lives a long happy life, five hundred die. Hugbox isn’t doing it for me anymore. I wanna see a fluffy get revenge. I’m not just talking ‘shitting on an abuser’s face’ or something. I mean straight up killing an abuser. I know theres one scene in the fall of cleveland where a fluffy tricks an abuser into speeding over a deep pothole, which sends their car off a cliff. That’s the only story i’ve read where such a thing happens.


THIS comic is probably the closest thing that comes to mind.

There’s also Payback Is A Bitch which is along the lines of what you’re looking for, but it’s a much more tragic story.

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Beat me to the sketties for foals.

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Go to the top right corner of the page, to the left of your profile pic there are three horizontal lines, click them, then click on groups.

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I think you’ll have a difficult time finding stories where fluffies kill or seriously harm a person, because human death was strictly limited on the Booru,so you probably won’t find much in the old works. I’m not sure if this site is the same. Nothing comes to mind except that one story where a fluffy suffocates a baby,but that wasn’t revenge against an abuser really,I think the fluffy did it out of jealousy.
I wrote a story recently where a fluffy “stole” an abuser’s kids,if you’re interested in that?
You could try the revenge tag,you might be able to dig something out from there.

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sounds interesting. I’ll give it a read!

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I vaguely remember a story on Fluffybooru by Swindle where they managed to work as a team to kill a human, perhaps with a kerosene lamp?

As you might guess, it was extremely controversial.