Fluffy revenge (Pinkyfluffy)

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And then the fluffies where arrested for murder


Someone capture that mare and foal!! The government will pay top dollar for a smart fluffy like that!!


But then Surprise! They basically are legally soap, so they just get away with it, and that’s the reason of why We should have anti-soap laws.

the perfect assassin

Yep… Also perfect guard fluffy for a military base… Specially if it killed a human… Send it to a grunty training program… Modify them, and bang… Weapon grade fluffy… A war-fluffy (or grunty for short)


^ This man spitting hard facts here



We are humans, we are the law and sentient soap with no rights can be charged of intentional murder, their lack of rights makes invalid anything like self defense


Every single fluffy in pinkyfluffy’s canon has Wonder of U. In other words, all who try to pursue them are hit by extremely improbable misfortune that defies logic. The next human who tried to hold them accountable was hit by a dislodged plane door.


It did not defeat him out of bravery, courage, or physical merit. The universe bent over to its desires.

“It always fascinated you, that fluffy nature of just assuming things “happened” and they would go along with it to success. It’s a cheaters mentality, you figured, one that relies the world bends to the sides as they go along.”

It’s better to imagine this as a milkbag’s dreams.


Yes they can only dream


Never mind the intelligence, the strength and weight the fluffy must have to throw the dude off balance is incredible.


I’m just glad they learned to fight back… It’s the first step towards gaining your rights…

Just think… We treat other creatures how we want based on a belief … If they weren’t meant to die then nature would have given them a way to defend themselves…

We do this with animals… And even people way back… Back when we owned slaves or killed to steal land and food… “Survival of the fittest” mentality…

Or like “Rick and Morty” when their pet dog grew a sentient intellect… He started fighting back… Now he had to be heard…

I can’t wait to see what will come of this!

It is surprising she overrode her programming to not harm human… Even more so to not cower and run away like almost all fluffy moms do!

She’s a special kind of fluffy…

And the best part… No one will believe it… And If they do… The family might be so ashamed, either from their son being an animal abuser or the fact he was both out smarter by and beaten by a pathetic fluffy…

Oh the ideas pouring in!:heart::v::smiling_imp:


Two city contractors discussing the installation of the machine:

C1: “Hey Jim, how tall are these fluffy creatures?”
C2: “They’d be about tall enough to come halfway up your shin”
C1: “Right, right… So how high should the input chute to this device be?”
C2: “Whaddaya think Tim, it should be about chest level on a fully grown man.”


Questo Fluffy è un’arma di distruzione massa.
Potrebbe sgozzare 12 berretti verdi, in meno di 3 minuti.
Usando solo un bottone ed un biglietto del tram.


If fluffies aren’t vermin, then the machine has no right to exist. You don’t see massive feral dog slaying machines in the middle of the city. The machine is extremely merciful with regards to fluffy abuse. If killing foals is too cruel, then a better option is to just place sterilizing spaghetti wherever the fluffies are.

The objective of a species is to propagate more of said species. If we had no beliefs, we would treat every single animal in a manner that is most beneficial towards human society, which is to say with no ethical regards as possible. Evolution does give them ways to defend themselves, but human ingenuity is faster than natural selection.


Cockroaches are vermin… You don’t see abuse kits being made for them?

Rats are vermin… You don’t see machines being built to murder them and their young…

And they’re both more disease carrying and violent bitey lil’$hits that really do deserve to die…

They out number fluffies and cause far more problems than fluffies ever did…

So yeah… It’s not animal abuse but sentient being abuse… Or just violent abuse in and of itself…

Unlike cockroaches though… Fluffies won’t crawl into your ears at night…

Unlike rats they won’t try and eat you or your baby in its crib…

But somehow they inherently deserve torture more than roaches and rats somehow?!?!


Another thing being that fluffies provide services… Vermin DONT!

They can be service animals, companions, therapy… But gets and roaches could never be…

I think humans have more pressing vermin to extinguish before attacking loving sentient creatures… Rats carry the plague… Fluffies carry huggies and love… Do they really deserve to die more than rats!?

And you’re right! Those machines don’t deserve to exist…

Skettis for rats would be way more effective…


Although that Ninja Gaiden sommersault jump breaks a bit the illusion of credibility, I’ve always been very partial to this comic and its outcome. The human is even more moronic than the usual in the Fluffyverses, as Sketties4Foal spaghetties are usually laced with drugs to make fluffies sterile.


(does a sniff self-check)
Done and done.
Just call me Gamey-zilla from now on!