Avocado - Interluder - By Oculus (with art by Carpdime)


A tribute to Carpdime’s Avocado



continued(?) from Chapter 8(?)

“Wundun bwidge am fawwing dow’,

Fawwing dow’, fawwing dow’,

Wundun bwidge am fawwing dow’,

‘am nice whady!”

The chorus of foals in Avocado’s class had been reciting this nursery rhyme for a few months now, and was performing with almost perfect cadence. Of course, it wasn’t always this way – when the foals first began singing their nursery rhymes at the start of the year, many of them had sang out of turn, or ahead of others. However, and after a week of constant practice and enthusiasm, the foals had managed to (mostly) sing in unison.

Standing in front of the class, Candy clapped her two front hooves together, applauding the class.

“Vewy guud babbehs! Bestest singies!”

At the front of the class, the Auburn haired woman smiled. The foals had managed to follow Candy’s cue without having to rely on her additional direction.

“That was very well done, fluffies. You all will be getting a treat.”


The Amber took the dry strands of a foodstuff made from durum wheat, and submerged them into a pot of boiling water. As she let the noodles cooked, she took the jar of marinara marina sauce, and pored it into another pot, and added in bits of beef and pork. Stirring the mixture together, a timer then informed her that the noodles were ready. Straining the spaghetti, she then placed the cooked pasta into the bowl, and topped it with the sauce, then stirred It. And voila, a bowl of spaghetti, enough to feed a class of foals as a treat.

Smiling, Amber placed the bowl on the table. As cooking was a slightly messy affair, she had to hang the apron she was wearing on the nearby rack, and so turned away from the table.

“Hello Amber.”

The Auburn’s eyes widened. The man she was staring at sported a leather jacket with a t-shirt underneath, and a pair of torn jeans. His face bore a scruffy look with the recognizable scar on his left cheek, and a few other fresh scars intermingling with the old ones on his hand. While only in his late 20s, the man bore a visage of rugged experience.

Amber could feel a rush of emotions, dropping the apron to the ground. Anger. Frustration. But most of all, fear.

“How did you get in?”

“I got in by the back,” quipped the man, “You really should do something about that back fence.”

“We just fixed it!”

“Well do it better, bitch.”

Staring at the interloper, the Auburn demanded, “Why are you here?!”

“Come on Amber, is that how you treat me?” asked the man in a soft voice, as he walked towards Amber, “Someone who you knew for so long?”

“Don’t come close to me,” snarled the Auburn, as she backed away from the man. As her body clashed upon the hard surface of the wall, she found herself between his arms. An intoxicating smell emanated from his mouth, as he brought his face up close to hers.

“Amber, baby, don’t you remember the time we used to have together?”

As he said this, the intruder brought his hand to Amber’s chin. The Auburn looked away, as the smooth charisma flowed from his mouth.

“You know what you want. And I could give it to you.”

Though vexed at first, the Auburn looked back, and stared the man in the eye.

“I don’t need you. You brought nothing but ruin to my life,” she asserted, as she moved forward. Obliging her, the man played along, and let her pass. As the Auburn reached the table, looking at the bowl of pasta, the man kept talking.

“Ruin? I gave you a good time and fun. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“You used me. I’m not your plaything any more.

“Play thing,” scoffs the man. In the background, the sound of fluffies playing in the play areas could be heard. “And here you are, looking after these retards. These literal toys playing in this shitass kindergarten.”

That was too much.

“They’re NOT toys. And they’re everything to me.”

The man, seeing the Auburn raised his index finger towards, let out a sarcastic grunt.

“They’re SHIT. Literal fucking shitrats! All these retards are good for doing is eating, shitting, and producing more of their shit all over the fucking place. Is that what you want to base your life on? Is it really worth it?”

The Auburn remained silent. With a smooth motion, the man placed his hands on her shoulders, as he whispered into the Auburn’s ear.

“Come on. I can give you a good time.”

Slowly, his hands moved down the Auburn’s arms, lightly massaging her back, heading towards the derrier, as he continued, “Better than this shitty pla-“

The Auburn rebuffed the man. As she did so, her hand knocked against the bowl of spaghetti. The marinara sauce stained the tiles of the kitchen floor.

“Just go.”

The man’s hands hovered above the ground, as he the Auburn kept her back towards him.

“Fucking LEAVE!”

The man was taken aback. But the look of surprise on his face became a smirk.


You know where the find me, baby.”


The Auburn remained standing. She was not sure if the man would come back, or if he had really disappeared for good. After a while, her face and body slowly crumpled, as her mouth melted down. She brought her hands up to her eyes, as the her face became saturated with saline and mucus.

“Mummah? Mummah?!”

The Auburn looked up, and saw Candy. Candy had been wondering where her mistress was, and, having seen an intruder run away from the kitchen and out of the daycare, quickly rushed to the kitchen.

“Mummah! Mummah am otay?”

Trying her best to stifle a hiccup, she sobbed, “I’m okay, Candy. I’m okay.”

As she said this, four foals had entered the kitchen along with Candy. All four of the foals saw the spaghetti on the floor, and the purple foal was the first to voice his enthusiasm.

“Mummah! Mummah, Babbehs come hewp cwean!”

Two of the foals who also entered the kitchen with Avo were a brother and sister pair, who bickered over the prospect of additional spaghetti.

“Gu’ way bwudda! Babbeh hav biggest tummy huwties! Wan sketties!”

“Dummeh sissy! Nu num aww da sketties!”

Standing on his two front hooves Avocado beckoned to Auburn. Not knowing the previous altercation, and he had assumed that Auburn had committed an oopsie, something that anyone, both humans and fluffies, are prone to do.

“Siwwy mummah! Can babbehs hav oopsies sketties pweaseee??”

As he says this, the Auburn turned to him. The Auburn, not wanting to let Avo see her in this state, tried her best to speak softly, as she said, “Oopsies sketties is not good. I’ll make a fresh batch of spaghetti for you all.”

Avocado, however, could sense a sadness in the Auburn’s voice. It reminded him of the time his own father, Mark, came home with a similar case of a sickness in the heart.

“Mummah, pwez hab no saddies. Ewewy fwuffy make oopsies aww da time, ‘ou nuu am bad hummeh.”

Upon hearing that, the Auburn, her eyes sore with the tears, turned to Avocado. Somehow, this one foal was able to sense her grief and frustration, something that only a few fluffies, like Candy, had done so. Not knowing how to respond to Avo, the Auburn simply nodded, as she said, “You’re right Avo. I just made a mistake, I can clean it up.”

Sensing that the Auburn needed some alone time, Candy turned to Avo and the foals, and gave them an new instruction.

“Babbehs, mummah Amba had heawt huwties. Mummah Candee mu’ hewp. Babbehs mu’ wait in da sweepies woom.”

The other three foals all moaned.

“Bu- sketties!”

“Mummah Candee am wite, fwens,” said Avocado, having a sense of the situation. “Mummah Amba nu feew guud.”

“…Otay Avo…”

As the foals departed the kitchen, Candy went up to Amber. As Amber kept sobbing while hugging her dear fluffy, Candy lent a soft but reassuring voice.

“ou nu am bad hummeh, mummah. Just twy am bestest, wun stippie-steppie at a time.”


This was originally supposed to be part of Chapter 9 of Avocado, but, and because of the jarring nature of this short, I decided to post it as an interlude before I upload Chapter 9. However, I might merge this interlude with the eventual Chapter 9, which will be centered around Avocado’s “graduation”, and coming-of-age as a fully-grown adult fluffy.

  • an Interluder is an old term for an actor participating in an Interlude. I also decided to use it as its a portmeanteau of “Interlude” and “Intruder”

  • Amber’s past had been hinted at before in Chapters 5 and 7.

  • the hardest part to translate in the nursery rhyme at the start was “my fair lady”, as common hivecanon has fluffies say “fwuffy” as a personal pronoun, but it would be one syllable too many for the verse. That said, one of the recurrent tags on the booru was “who am nice whady”. I imagine that am could double as a replacement for both “fwuffy” and “ou”, as well as “is”, depending on context (like in this case, a rhyme)

  • though meant to be read after Chapter 8 and before Chapter 9, this interlude most likely took place before Christmas


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