Avocado's first few hours at West Celestial Academy (Author: Oculus) (with art by Carpdime)

First few hours at West Celestial Academy

By Oculus

continued from Chapter 11, and Part of Chapter 12 of Avocado

Avocado was in the bathtub once again. All smiles, he watched as his owner Mark turned on the tap, letting a stream of water drizzle into the tub. As Avocado could feel the water reaching up to his ankles, he couldn’t help but feel excited. Today was going to be his first day at West Celestial Academy! Not only that, but he was going to wear the nice clothes that his daddy had got for him for this new school!

“Abo can’t wait fow nyu skuuw! Fwuffy hab bigges’ heawt happies!!”

“I’m excited too little guy!”


“It’s really, really big heart happy. Like your heart is so happy, you want jump and dance for as long as possible!”

“Fwuffy am! Fwuffy am so ack-cited!!”, squealed Avocado. In his excitement, he thrashed about in the tub, splashing the soapy water. The suds flew away from the bath tub, and covered Mark’s face. Realizing what he did, Avo apologized profusely.

“Fwuffy am su sowwy! Abo nu wan daddeh to get da wawa!”

Mark laughed, as he continued to massage Avocado’s body, “Its okay, I’m going to have a bath too later. And besides, I’m happy that you’re excited, I’m excited too!”

After drying him off, Mark brought Avocado to the table in the living room of his dorm. Neatly placed on the table were a few garments. Mark had removed the clothes from their packaging a few days ago and had them washed at the laundry level. After having them dried, he had ironed them, then placed them neatly on the table the night before. Mark held up the two shoulders of the white jacket, and Avocado raised his two front hooves. With ease, Avocado put on the jacket with Mark’s help, and Mark then fastened the safety buckle, securing the jacket around Avocado waist. Following this, he slowly zipped up the jacket. To finish the display, Mark then placed the red bow tie around Avocado’s neck. Having finished, Mark took a good look at the now uniformed Avocado. It wasn’t exactly the same kind of school uniform as the sort they had at private or Catholic schools, but it seemed like the kind of uniform a quadruped pet would wear, like a cat or a dog. Or in this case, a fluffy pony.

“You’re looking really good, Avo,” said Mark, as he took out a table mirror. Looking at himself in the mirror, Avocado agreed, “Abo feew fancy!”


Our young man took the trip to West Celestial Academy by train. As he only started his business recently, Mark had to carefully managed his budget, and thus he relied on public transports as much as he could. As the university’ station was located at the last terminal for their respective line, spent the first few minutes of the journey on an empty seat, looking out of the window. Later, as the cacophony of people and their pets (and fluffies) started to fill the train Avocado move into the arms of Mark. A number of fluffies had noticed the rather nice uniform that Avocado was wearing.

“Wess Cewestaw!”

That exclamation came from a grown up fluffy, he was looking at Avocado’s uniform in awe. His owner a young girl, at least a decade of age, was curious about that statement.

“West Celestaw? What’s that?”

“It am a speshul skuuw! Da bestes skuuw for fwuffies!” the fluffy explained. A littly dreamy eyed, he waistfully noted, “Fwuffy awways wanna gu dewe…”

“You’re special to me, Joey!”

“Fwuffy knu, but, dat fwuffy mus be weawwy, weawwy smawt. Naht aww fwuffies can go to Wess Cewestaw!”

Hearing that, Avocado felt a little humbled.


“Why hello there!”

That day, a table had been erected outside the entrance of West Celestial Academy. Stationed there was a young security guard, wearing a brown uniform. While it was still early in the morning, a few fluffies had already arrived for their first day at this school.

Mark presented the registration papers to the officer. The guard took about a minute to clarify the details.

“I see, you are Avocado, and Mark, I presume?”

“That is correct, yes.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Juan, and I’m one of the security staff on campus.

I’ll need you to place Avocado.”

Mark obliged. A little nervous, Avocado proceeded to rest on his rear. Gently, Juan took a break-away collar, and placed it around Avocado’s right neck. Making sure the collar was not too tight, he fastened the safety buckle. Mark noticed that the collar had a tag attached to it.

“Whats that tag for?”

“Just a little security measure. One of the policies at WCA is that we keep track of the fluffies within our school. Fluffies tend to get lost very easily since they can get easily distracted, or forget directions easily. As such, we keep track of all the fluffies in our school. It’s also a way of finding out if any fluffy goes missing on a given day, especially if they’re playing hookey.”

That use of the term caught Mark’s attention, as his imagination spawned images of truant fluffies skipping school to fool around.

“Does that really happen?”

“Indeed! You’d be surprised. After all, fluffies are like kids – some of the rowdier fluffies, if given the chance, would ditch school to go play at nearby arcade. Of course, the smaller daycares don’t do this, but were at WCA the policy is that we make sure the fluffies actually get to their classes.”


Avocado looked around. Almost all of the fluffies assembled in the hall were seated on the laps of their owner. It was an orderliness that he had never seen before, not even at East Side Daycare. Flanking the people seated in hall, were the various staff and teachers who were going to provide the education to the fluffies for the upcoming academic year. Out of all the teachers, Avocado noticed one human woman, dressed in a sports jacket, shirt and pants. Though she was wearing a cap and sunglasses, her brown hair seemed very familiar. To Avocado, she looked a lot like Mummah Amber. He remembered seeing a girl just like her at mall. The humans had a term for this, a “coincidence”. He thought it was his imagination, but now there seemed something too familiar about this coach. But no matter. Avocado thought to himself that, hopefully, he can find out about this girl later. And, even if she wasn’t Amber, she was likely to be just as good a friend as the Auburn.

In front of the hall was a sort of raised floor, that being the stage. It was too high for any fluffy to go up, and any human who had to get on the stage would have to scale over this wall with their two hands. Avocado guessed that there was some staircase hidden from view, as he noticed an old man walked towards the side of the stage, then slowly ascend up to the raised floor.

This old man wore a formal suit, the sort that Avocado had seen Mark wear to his school on some days. The old man was wearing a navy blue coat that was buttoned up, along with navy blue dress pants, and a matching ultramarine tie. He was balding, and what little hair, (or head fluff, as fluffies would call it) he head made little white lines that were neatly combed across the bare dome. The old gentleman made his way to a wooden podium, the sole fixture that was on the stage. Tapping his finger on the microphone, loud thuds could be heard booming from the speakers around the hall.

Sensing that everyone could hear him, the old man began his speech.

“Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

I am Kermit Henson, Principal of West Celestial Academy. Usually, these speeches would be given in two languages, that being English and fluffspeak. However, this speech is not given in that other language, because most of you will understand what I am saying. Not many fluffies will understand my words, but you have been carefully picked due to many tests you all have passed, as well as shown talents and abilities not many fluffies would have.”

Indeed, Avocado could understand what Mr Henson was saying. Not entirely, as he only heard the word “talent” a few times, but the fluffspeak words of “abiwitee” and “abwe” were familiar to him. For Mark, he was surprised that the speech was not verbose and was given in rather simple English, but he could already surmise that the speech was not for the owners, but for the fluffies attending the school.

“Just because you have passed the tests and got here doesn’t mean that you can be lazy. Your owners, your mama’s and daddy’s, may want you to be able to take a job and earn money. Some of you may be sports fluffies, taking part in an upcoming race, or similar. Whatever the case is, you all are expected to do your best. To work hard, and to study hard. Yes, there is time for play, but when its time to work, you have to work hard! The lessons may be hard but, and if you pull through, you’ll become a better fluffy.

In the words of Winston Churchill, a great humie who lived many, many forevers a go, “Never given in.

Never, ever give in.”

“Unless,” says Mr Henson as he raises his finger, noting an important exception,” unless it’s in good sense.”

A lot may seem to be expected out of you, and it may seem hard but, we all believe that you will do your best. And ultimately, never give in, never give up.”


After the speech was finished, Mark and Avocado made their way outside, where they were placed into groups. Mark was to go into another room, where the owners were going to be held, as Avocado was going to spend his first few hours getting to know his homeroom class.

“Alright, they want me elsewhere. I’ll pick you in a few hours, okay?”

“Otay, daddeh!”

The two yellow fluffies (Artist:Carpdime)

Avocado observed the group he was in. Next to him were two yellow fluffies that were both of a yellow colour. Well, one was of a darker yellow colour, with little patches of brown. Avocado wondered if this fluffy was one of those farmer fluffies he had been hearing about. The other yellow fluffy was a lot cleaner, and a lot more similar to him, but he seemed to be missing a leg, the poor lad.

“Well, I see we have quite the class here.”

The man who said this was wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt, with grey dress pants.

“Alright, class 1A. Follow me.”

And the group walked. Unlike back in East Side Daycare, the fluffies didn’t need to hold each others tails. It was not something that adult fluffies had to do, but they were encouraged to do so. However, this was a different school. The other fluffies by his side seemed a lot more mature and aware of their surroundings then the ones back at the daycare.

As Avocado kept walking, he could hear three fluffies being really loud.

“Weawwy? Dummeh said dat?”

“He did! Fwuffy kid ‘ou not!”

The fluffy who said this was of a very unique colour. It was a blue, but not quite the same kind of blue as he had seen before. Not many fluffies were this kind of blue. Having a horn, and a rather outgoing personality, Avocado could sense that there was something very unique about this fluffy.

Class 1A eventually settled themselves into a room. Avocado saw tables that were neatly arranged, with a small mat placed in front of each table. Sitting down, he round the mat rather comfortable on his rear.

The young man who had led the class adjusted his tie, Avocado noticed that the tie had a fluffy-inspired motif, as he could see images of various foals were laughing and dancing on the tie.

“My name is Karl, and I will be your home tutor for your time here. I have a fluffy that is partner, but he cannot make it today as he’s currently going for a checkup. But in our first language classes, you all will get the chance to meet him.

As your tutor, I will be aliasing with your owners. In some cases, I will meet with your parents, though those parents also have human owners so its roughly the same deal.

I will be passing a timetable to you all soon. Unlike the daycares most of you come from, classes here are a bit more regulated, and we have some specific lessons you all have to go through.”

Karl finished off his introduction by clapping his hands, and giving off a big smile.

“Welcome to West Celestial Academy!”


A fairly short story, meant to chronicle Avocado’s first few hours getting ready for, and going to, West Celestial Academy. This chapter introduces the principal of the school, Juan the security guard and Karl, Avo’s homeroom tutor. Three fluffies are introduced, with two of them being the yellow fluffies from “Story of the yello foal amputee” and Woody from “Woody goes truffle sniffing.”

Some additional notes:

This story is aprt of the larger writing project that is Avocado Chapter 12. I will be attempting to write some other similar bite sized stories of Avocado at the Academy, which each story being in the range of 1.5 to 2k words.


With all the shit you talk about shit edits. I keep finding you appropriating fluffies from other artist’s content and “headcanons” for your own very specifically hugbox content.

When it comes @Carpdime 's work, especially Avocado, I have a a working relationship with the guy where I look over his work (both past and current) and figure out what kind of stories can be told with them. I’m usually up front with Carpdime about the stories that I want to tell and, if he doesn’t like a story I tell, I’m more then prepared to remove it. A lot of the headcanons that are incorporated in the Avocado series are ones I have discussed between Carpdime and myself.

I try to extend this to my other tribute work, though I accept that some of my tribute work also extends to artists who are no longer within the fandom. I try to be as respectable as possible to the artists who I want to pay tribute to in my stories. That said, if any artist/writer feels that I have covered them poorly, I am more then prepared to remove the tribute in question.


When you write an entire story from a picture it’s a tribute. When somebody draws eyebrows it’s a shit edit and you make a stink all night.

I admit I overreacted at that time as Whelk was editing Coalheart’s work. That said, the edits were not malicious in nature. I have already apologized to Whelk regarding the incident. If you want talk further about it, we can bring in to TFP, as that was where the issue was first raised.

I like this shorter format with more regular postings! Very glad to see the two previous characters expanded upon. Can’t wait to see what’s up next.


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