Ayakos den chapter 1 (by Rescue_9)

Chapter 1

The house was a small one. A 2 bedroom 2 bath ranch that johannes had inherited from his stepfather after he moved down to the tropics for retirement. Classic red brick and dark roof with white window shutters. It was situated on a cul de sac between two similar houses that seemed to be perpetually on sale. The entire neighborhood felt aged and neglected, like a shelf rarely dusted. But johannes didn’t mind the barren landscape of the neighborhood much. It was quiet, cheap, and close to the shops he needed.

It was the early days of autumn. Warm oranges and pale browns speckled the dying ground. A cold breeze lingered among the scent of campfires. johannes could hear the distant honking of geese that had claimed the neighboring houses lawn as their territory. But they were far away, as to not bother him as he brought his groceries indoors.

The moment he stepped foot inside he could hear the nearby chirps and excited squeals of his fluffies.

“Daddeh home!”

“Babbeh wan see Daddeh!”

“Daddeh pway an gib skettis!”

Johann couldn’t help but laugh “I’ll be there in a sec guys, just gotta put the groceries away”. He kicked off his shoes at the front door and meandered his way to the kitchen. He set down the bags and retrieved a box of new plastic bricks.

“I got some new toys for you guys!”

Next to the kitchen was the fluffy saferoom. Originally a master bedroom that he had remodeled, the room was painted to look like a bright sunny meadow complete with light green lineoleum flooring and a sun-shaped light mounted to the ceiling. A tv to one side was playing a non-stop stream of fluffytv while the automatic feeder and water dispenser hummed and refilled the communal bowls. Johannes jumped over the small baby gate he used to keep the fluffies in, being greeted by a swarm of colorful fluff balls of all shapes and colors. All babbling wildly.

“Daddeh Daddeh! Bwing toysies?”

“I did buttercup, some new blocks”

“Babbeh can do goodest dancies”

“Aww I bet they’re amazing dancers”

“Daddy wook!” A small green pegasus claymored for his dads attention, before doing a little leap and flapping his wings “pistachio fwy!”

“great job buddy” johannas gave the pegasus a pat on the head before sitting up and exiting the saferoom “I’ll be back in a bit, I just need to check the basement”

“But why Daddeh aways go in basement?”

Johannes didint answer. He merely stepped over the baby gate, picked up a bottle of water and a can of spaghetti from the grocery bag, and approached the basement door with hesitation. Dark grey. Locked with a key and two numbered padlocks. With dexterous hands he undid the latches and flipped the switch. A row of flickering incandescent lights illuminated the way down the curving staircase. At the end was a short hallway with yet another door at the end, this one with only a single key.

“Ayako, I’m here”

His voice echoed through the cavern-like basement. It was the same dimensions as the upstairs, but without a trace of comfort or decor. Unfinished wood and drywall with only a used litterbox and an old mattress breaking up the stale atmosphere.

“Ayako I have sketti and wawa, you don’t need to hide”

Silence. Johannes walked forward with soft steps and a hushed voice. He could hear her heavy breathing from a darkened corner lined with some empty cardboard boxes. Two eyes peered out from a gap.

“Ayako don’t be scared, it’s your freind” johannes set down the water and sketti before slowly stepping back. It was better if she approached first, in case he accidentally startled her. The eyes blinked. A human hand reached out from between the boxes as the form slowly came towards the light. A living creature the size of a young child, with a head like a man but a snout like a horse. Thickly knuckled human hands were covered in a light dusting of thin fur. The same fur that grew in thick patches across the creatures body. Their back was arched with tufts of longer fur that stuck up like spines, fur that continued down the horse-like legs up to the hooves. It was a beast that seemed right out of hells compendium. Eyes dark and covered by long human hair. Chest moving with each accursed breath. Naked body now fully visible in the dim light.

“Hello ayako, I brought you some food and water, I know you’re still a bit scared but I promise-“ johannes voice was abruptly cut off by the sound of ayakos teeth piercing the plastic water bottle and the slow dribble of liquid. It held the bottle with its dexterous fingers as it’s long almost prehensile tongue lapped up every drop of water.

“Good, at least she’s drinking, the sedatives tanjo gave her must have worn off”

Chapter 2


Man finds monster in house

“You are fluffy now!”


Not to be dramatic but I would die for Ayako

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Oh trust me, there’s more where that came from

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Same tbh

Anthro experiment gone wrong, I presume?


Just gotta wait and see :wink:

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Thats an interesting hybrid :thinking:

Will see what comes next, love how from the regular days then jump into the dark mysterious basement :cold_sweat:

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Aw hell yeah I love me some weird critters. :relieved:


So this… But fluffy?
So this guy put a wig on his dog for Halloween last year... | Fullmetal  alchemist brotherhood, Fullmetal alchemist, Alchemist


The story of an anti-anthro.




:sob: noooooo the sadness the traumaaa :sob:


(fun fact, the thing that traumatized me first in FMA was the fake Rosa’s Boyfriend made of birds … and then I didn’t give a shit since about monstruosity in FMA xD : “Moarf, I’m used to it now” [Moesius, 10yo] )


What’s that thing from?


What kind of accident is ayako?
Did a fluffy fucks a human girl?

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It’s from an original story I’m writing called ayakos den