Babbehs Ch. 4 (by fluffysomething)

You are Angel, and you have a idea! If mummah won’t give you milkies for your babies, you’ll just get them yourself!

“Hewwo? Nice mistah? Pwease gib babbehs miwkies. Dey nee miwkies!” You shout, tapping your hooves against the window just to get ignored.

“Nice wady? Babbehs nee miwkies. Nice wady gib babbehs miwkies?” You ask again, still hitting the window with your hooves, going faster as you hear the babies start to chirp and peep.

“No, I don’t have any milk. Sorry.” The nice lady sighs, walking away from the window as you start to cry.

“Huu-huuu… Babbehs nee miwkies…” You sob, beating your hooves against the window as you mewl.

“Wait! Angew jus git miwkies by sewf! Den babbehs dwink miwkies an’ nu cwy!” You decide, looking around for any milkies you could give your babies.

“Peeep! Peeeeep! Chirp, chirp! Peep!” One of the babies peeps and chirps, coming towards where your milkie-places would be if you were their mummah.

“Nu hab miwkies! Am su sowwy!” You whine, still pacing around the room to find milkies.

“Peep… Peep…” Another one of your babies peeps weakly, its ribs slightly showing.

“Babbeh? Babbeh nee miwkies! Nee git miwkies!” You whisper-shout to yourself, still looking around.

Until, you find it. Your mummah bought milkies!

“Moo-moo fwend miwkies am stiww miwkies? Angew twy git miwkies!” You say, running up to the opened milk carton and tipping it over.

This is so good! You found milkies, and you could reach them, too! Until, you came closer to the puddle of milkies.

“Miwkies nu smeww pwetty… Babbehs, come fo’ miwkies!” You shout, the babies waddling over and starting to lap up the milkies.

“Mummah knyo dat nu taste pwetty, buh nee dwink miwki-” You say in response to one of the babies quietly gagging, then getting cut off by your mummah.

“Angel, that’s expired! Are you being a bad mummah right now?” Your mummah fake-gasps, putting a hand over her chest.

“Nuuu! Babbehs nee miwkies, su Angew git dem miwkies!” You explain worriedly, fearing the look on your mummah’s face.

“Oh, alright! Go ahead.” Your mummah smirks, walking away and going upstairs.

Nothing’s wrong with these milkies. Right?


No need for the owner to be that cruel.
Punish Angel, not the foals.


I agree.

Punish Angel.

I suggest putting thumb tacks in her foals hooves.


Punishing the foals IS punishing Angel, they have to die so she’ll shut up on having her own kids.

It’s all in the name of cutting down the population through fear tactics and starvation. Nothing worthwhile gets hurt


The point should be ensuring that the foals getting hurt is the LAST part of it.
Tell Angel she can have milk for them if she lets herself get hurt for example. Then when she’s a bleeding wreck snap their necks in front of her one by one.
The foals dying slowly being the only way of causing Angel pain leaves too much abuse on the table.

Give her all the hope in the world so she’ll put herself through Hell for it, THEN take it away from her.

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Fair point, the more Angel suffers the better


Ooh, the milk could give the foals diarrhea and then Angel has to clean it all up! Either with her fluff or by eating it.

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Por que no los dos?

Have her rub her face all in it


Educate Angel, punish the owner. Angel’s just a dingus, the owner is pure evil.