fluffysomething's Table of Contents

List of Series

Bestest Mummah: A series involving normal bestest-babbeh, poopie-babbeh tropes with some twists. Some controversial, but mostly neutral.

Bestest Mummah Ch. 1

Bestest Mummah Ch. 2

Bestest Mummah Ch. 3

Bestest Mummah Ch. 4

Bestest Mummah Ch. 5

Bestest Mummah Ch. 6

Bestest Mummah Ch. 7

Bestest Mummah Ch. 8 (end)

Worstest Sickies: A series involving science themes, fluffy population control, and a virus with the ability to talk. Mostly neutral, with some abuse.

Worstest Sickies Ch. 1

Worstest Sickies Ch. 2

Worstest Sickies Ch. 3

Worstest Sickies Ch. 4: The Files, Part 1

Worstest Sickies Ch. 5: The Files, Part 2

Worstest Sickies Ch. 6: The Files, Part 3

Worstest Sickies Ch. 7

Worstest Sickies Ch. 8

Worstest Sickies Ch. 9 (end)
sequel :arrow_heading_down:

Bestest Sickies: Mommy’s Little Problem Solver: Sequel of Worstest Sickies. Same deal, just that the brand-new talking virus is “adopted” by our favorite fluffy-hating scientist, Dr. Harriet Roseman. Some fluffy abuse, some neutral.

Bestest Sickies: Mommy’s Little Problem Solver Ch. 1

Bestest Sickies: Mommy’s Little Problem Solver Ch. 2

Bestest Sickies: Mommy’s Little Problem Solver Ch. 3

Bestest Sickies: Mommy’s Little Problem Solver Ch. 4

Bestest Sickies: Mommy’s Little Problem Solver Ch. 5

Bestest Sickies: Mommy’s Little Problem Solver Ch. 6

Bestest Sickies: Mommy’s Little Problem Solver Ch. 7

Bestest Sickies: Mommy’s Little Problem Solver Ch. 8 (end)

Mummah’s Little Babbeh: Series where Dr. Harriet Roseman fakes a pregnancy just to make a fluffy jealous. Contains abuse.

Mummah’s Little Babbeh Ch. 1

Mummah’s Little Babbeh Ch. 2

Mummah’s Little Babbeh Ch. 3

Mummah’s Little Babbeh Ch. 4

Mummah’s Little Babbeh Ch. 5

Mummah’s Little Babbeh Ch. 6

Mummah’s Little Babbeh Ch. 7 (end)

Daycare: Story where FV-0446 goes to daycare! Some death and abuse, mostly neutral.

Daycare Ch. 1

Daycare Ch. 2

Daycare Ch. 3

Daycare Ch. 4

Daycare Ch. 5

Daycare Ch. 6

Daycare Ch. 7

Daycare Ch. 8

Daycare Ch. 9

Daycare Ch. 10 (end)

Bestest Babbehs: Two very different bestest babies become friends. Mostly neutral.

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 1

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 2

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 3

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 4

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 5

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 6

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 7

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 8

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 9

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 10

Bestest Babbehs Ch. 11 (end)

The Problem: Dr. Harriet Roseman finally gets what’s coming to her! Some accidental abuse, mostly neutral.

The Problem Ch. 1

The Problem Ch. 2

The Problem Ch. 3

The Problem Ch. 4

The Problem Ch. 5

The Problem Ch. 6

The Problem Ch. 7

The Problem Ch. 8

The Problem Ch. 9

The Problem Ch. 10 (end)

Decisions: What happens when FV-0446 meets a new friend? Mostly neutral.

Decisions Ch. 1

Decisions Ch. 2

Decisions Ch. 3

Decisions Ch. 4

Decisions Ch. 5

Decisions Ch. 6

Decisions Ch. 7

Decisions Ch. 8 (end)

The Herd: Bestest Sickie Friend gets initiated into a feral herd of fluffies. Mostly neutral, some controversial later on.

The Herd Ch. 1

The Herd Ch. 2

The Herd Ch. 3

The Herd Ch. 4

The Herd Ch. 5

The Herd Ch. 6 (end)

Babbehs: Baby-crazy fluffy gets babies after begging, but has no way to care for them. Some death later on, mostly neutral.

Babbehs Ch. 1

Babbehs Ch. 2

Babbehs Ch. 3

Babbehs Ch. 4

Babbehs Ch. 5

Babbehs Ch. 6

Babbehs Ch. 7 (end)

Trials and Tribulations: Harriet finds a cannibal Fluffy foal, and decides to find a answer to a never-asked question. Some fluffy cannibalism, mostly neutral.

Trials and Tribulations Ch. 1

Trials and Tribulations Ch. 2

Trials and Tribulations Ch. 3

Trials and Tribulations Ch. 4

Trials and Tribulations Ch. 5

Trials and Tribulations Ch. 6

Trials and Tribulations Ch. 7

Trials and Tribulations Ch. 8

Trials and Tribulations Ch. 9 (end)

The Other Problem: Dr. Harriet, a new fluffy, and FV-0446 aren’t having a very good time due to some targeted protests. Mostly neutral.

The Other Problem Ch. 1

The Other Problem Ch. 2

The Other Problem Ch. 3

The Other Problem Ch. 4

The Other Problem Ch. 5

The Other Problem Ch. 6

The Other Problem Ch. 7

The Other Problem Ch. 8 (end)

The No Babies Support Group: FV-0446 join a support group for both Bestest Sickie Friends and fluffies who can’t have babies! Some cannibalism, mostly neutral.

The No Babies Support Group Ch. 1

The No Babies Support Group Ch. 2

The No Babies Support Group Ch. 3

The No Babies Support Group Ch. 4

The No Babies Support Group Ch. 5 (end)

Helping a Friend Out: Dr. Harriet is back! After FV-0446 starts going through some genetic changes, Harriet calls over a old friend to help her out. Mostly neutral, and a crossover with BFM’s character, Josef.

Helping a Friend Out Ch. 1

Helping a Friend Out Ch. 2

Helping a Friend Out Ch. 3

Helping a Friend Out Ch. 4

Helping a Friend Out Ch. 5

Helping a Friend Out Ch. 6

Helping a Friend Out Ch. 7 (end)

Reemergence: FV-0446’s parent is back! But, someone doesn’t take to that so well. Some abuse, and some death.

Reemergence Ch. 1

Reemergence Ch. 2

Reemergence Ch. 3

Reemergence Ch. 4

Reemergence Ch. 5 (end)

Side Effects Include: Dr. Harriet thinks she’s discovered the secret to staying young forever with just a simple age-reversal ray, but it has some… unwanted side effects.

Side Effects Include Ch. 1

Side Effects Include Ch. 2

Side Effects Include Ch. 3

Side Effects Include Ch. 4 (end)

Princess’s New Friend: Another crossover with BFM’s character! A bratty fluffy who wants babies meets Josef, but what happens? Mostly abuse.

Princess’s New Friend Ch. 1

Princess’s New Friend Ch. 2

Princess’s New Friend Ch. 3

Princess’s New Friend Ch. 4

Princess’s New Friend Ch. 5

Princess’s New Friend Ch. 6

Princess’s New Friend Ch. 7

Princess’s New Friend Ch. 8 (end)

Better Babies: After Dr. Clarke Fields makes a breakthrough on Bestest Sickie Friends gaining the ability to get pregnant, a fluffy doesn’t like the idea of any tummy-babies being better than hers. Mostly neutral.

Better Babies Ch. 1

Better Babies Ch. 2

Better Babies Ch. 3

Better Babies Ch. 4 (by fluffysomething)

Better Babies Ch. 5 (end)

Babies: FV-0446 and their special-friend adopt fluffy babies along with their own babies! Mostly hugbox.

Babies Ch. 1


Badly drawn picture of Lavender, Daisy and Princess from Bestest Mummah

Hmm, something’s not right here…

Sickie-Fwiends Dwink Miwkies, Tuu

Not-So-Great Minds Think Alike

Faceless Dr. Harriet Roseman and her Oversized Talking Viruses™️


Basically a Bestest Dickie Friend

FV-9275’s Babies

FV-9275 Wants New Babies

Baby Bestest Sickie Friend Adoptions

FV-9275’s Baby Gets a New Name

FV-9275 Gets New Babies

FV-9275’s Newest Babies


Pretty Powder Advertisment

A Interview with FV-0446 (Based off of Bestest Sickies)

Bestest Mummah, Bestest Sickies (Based off of both Bestest Mummah and Bestest Sickies)

Tulip and Daisy’s Sketti Day (Based off of Bestest Mummah)

Bestest Sickie Friends (Based
off of Bestest Sickies)

FV-0446’s Special Stickies

FV-0446’s Housie-Friend Toy

FV-0446’s Housie-Friend Toy: Part 2 (idea by CyclopsBurger)

Bestest In Show

Bestest Sickie Friends: Buyer’s Manual

Bestest Sickie Friends: Buyer’s Manual 2

Nyew Mom-mee?

Nyew Mom-mee?: Part 2

Bestesh Sickie-Fwiend Eva (Part 3 of Nyew Mom-mee)

Bestesh-Nu-Mowe (Part 4 of Nyew Mom-mee)

Henry’s Happy House

Bestest Nummie-Friends

The Replacements

Big Babies Pt. 1

Bestest Sickie Friends: Buyer’s Manual 3

Big Babies Pt. 2

Bestest Sickie Friend Speech 101

Babies!: Behind the Scenes


Onwy Wittwe Babbehs Pt. 1

Onwy Wittwe Babbehs Pt. 2

No Babies for Citrus

Forever Babies


The Eightteen Things Crimson Hasn’t Enfed Yet: Special Edition

The Sketties