FV-0446's Special Stickies (by fluffysomething)

You are FV-0446, and you have a big question. What are those little pointy thingies on you for?

“Oh, that’s easy. It’s for… How do I word this? Oh, they’re for “replication-huggies”. Now that you’re big enough to see, you just put it in a fluffy’s mouth to make more of yourself and get the “good feels”. You wanna try it out?” Your mommy explains, walking to her basement and bringing up a small fluffy.

“Es! Wan twy! Ank 'ou fo wet Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks twy wepwication-huggies!” You squeal, leading the fluffy to a corner and blocking the exit.

“Fwuffy nu wike! Mummah, hewp!” The fluffy cries, trying to leave the corner.

“Pwease gib wepwication-huggies. Weawwy wan!” You say, proceeding to stick one of your pointy-thingies into the fluffy’s mouth.

“Mmm! Hmm-mmm!” The fluffy muffledly screams, trying desperately to move away from you.

“Am su cwose tu gud feews! Pwease nu stop wepwication-huggies!” You beg, smiling down at the fluffy.

“Mmmmmmm! Hmm!” The fluffy sobs, tears running down its puffy face.

“GUD FEEWS! Ank 'ou fo wepwication-huggies! Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks wub housie-fwiend!” You exclaim, walking away to go play.

“Hab tummie-babbeh feew? Buh, nu hab speshew-huggies?” The fluffy asks, touching its stomach.

A day later

You are a fluffy! You have tummy-babies! You’re so confused, because you’ve never had any special-huggies. And, you’re a colt.

“Daddeh wub tummie-babbehs, buh daddehs nu can hab tummie-babbehs. Am weiwd.” You sigh, touching your stomach and singing a modified mummah song.

“Wha am bay-bees housie-fwiend singin’?” You hear your “friend” ask, looking at you touch your stomach.

“It mummah songie, buh since am soon-daddeh, it daddeh songie.” You explain, looking confused. You’re not a house, you’re a fluffy!

“Wha am mom-mee song?” You’re shocked by hearing this. Your “friend” has never heard the mummah song before?

“It am bestest songie eba! It gu, babbehs wub mummah, mummah wub babbehs, dwink wots of miwkies, gwow up big an’ stwong.” You explain again.

“Oh-tay. Am su excited fo’ tummie-baybees tu come!” Your friend says, walking away to go play with a ball. But, how are those tummy-babies going to come?

About 2 days later

You are FV-0446, and you are excited. Your babies that your housie-friend has are sooo close to coming!

“Feew sickies… Nu feew gud… Kaff! Kaff! Blegh!” You hear your babies’ housie-friend say, vomiting on the floor and coughing up a weird liquid.

“Ugh, really? I’ll clean that up.” Your mommy groans, getting a spray bottle and a mop.

“Am sickies… Nee’ be stwong fo tummie-babbehs…” Your babies’ housie-friend complains, hoof slightly touching its very extended stomach.

“Am gud! That meen inside-baybees come soon!”
You exclaim, also touching its stomach.

“Nu am gud!” Your babies’ housie-friend whines, tears running down its face as it vomits again.

“Oh nu! Feew tummie-babbehs! Hewp! Hew-” Your babies’ housie-friend screams, before exploding and releasing a slurry of small baby viruses that looked similar to you.

“Bay-bees! Pwease num housie-fwiend. Nee’ num tu gwow up!” You clap, watching as the aforementioned babies try to find the fluffy’s remains with their eyes closed.

“Good job! Now, you can keep a baby, but the rest need to go live outside.” Your mommy cautions, letting you choose one of the small babies.

“Gu! Gu hab mowe wepwication-huggies! Wub bay-bees!” You cry out, waving to the rest of the babies as your mommy lets them outside.

“Wanna do this to Sunflower next?” Your mommy asks, smiling playfully.

“Weawwy? 'Es! Wan du tu Sunfwowew!” You cheer, hugging your mommy with your small arms.

You were going to have so much fun with your newfound ability!