The Other Problem Ch. 3 (by fluffysomething)

You are Dr. Harriet Roseman, and you feel even sicker than you did yesterday. You should probably go get this checked out, but you don’t want to risk leaving your home, especially with the protesting against you.

“FV-0446, remember when you had thinkie-place sickies? I think you may have gotten mommy sick.” You smile weakly as FV-0446 comes up and hugs you, coughing and sputtering as it moves away.

“Buh, am at-ten-oo-ayted. Nu can maek peopwe sickies nu mowe! Onwy bad sickie-fwiends git mom-mees an’ dad-dees sickies!” They gasp, looking down at themselves shamefully.

“Oh, it’s not your fault. You forgot who I was and got scared…” You sniffle, closing your eyes because you feel tired.

And, falling on the floor the second your eyes close.

“Mom-mee!? Mom-mee nee hewp! Day-see, hewp mom-mee!” FV-0446 shouts, dragging Daisy over and crying.

“Mummah faww? Nu wike dis game, mummah! Pwease wakies!” Daisy cries, tapping your stiff body with her hooves.

You are FV-0446, and you had to call mommy’s special-friend to come help her. It was hard, but you remembered the ‘con-tack’ name for him in your mommy’s little bright box.

“Your mommy got sick again? Do you have another ‘bad’ baby?” Your mommy’s special-friend asks, looking around your safe-room for any babies.

“Onwy wast bay-bee. Wast bay-bee nu can hav wepwication-huggies wif peopwe. Am at-ten-oo-ayted bay-bee.” You reply, holding up your baby as he looks at it.

“Then, who did it? Did a Bestest Sickie Friend without a mommy or daddy make ‘replication-huggies’ with her?” He asks, picking you up and staring into your eyes.

“Nu! Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks du it!” You whine, pointing at yourself and crying.

“You did? It was you? Well, I need to take you with me, then. We need to make sure you don’t get anyone else sick, alright?” He sighs, sitting you down in his vroom-vroom thingie and driving off with you, Daisy and your baby.

You are Daisy, and you see someone coming into you and your friend’s new safe-room! Are they good or bad? You don’t know, but maybe they want to play! But, it’s dark-time. Who plays at dark-time?

“Where’s the talking virus? I have a question for it.” They say, as your friend wakes up and cries.

“Nuuu… Scawy pewson fowwow us hewe…” Your friend sobs, pointing at themselves and crying even more.

“Good, yoy’re awake. I just heard you got your mommy hospitalized. She has really bad sickies, and it’s all your fault.” The person laughs, pointing at your friend as they mewl.

“Meanie hoomin nu be meanie tu fwend! Fwend hab’ed finkie-pwace sickies! It am nu dere fauwt!” You shout, hitting them with your hoof as hard as you could.

“Oh, you have a friend now? Look, I’ll do whatever I want to your not-so-little friend. Got it?” They scowl at you, throwing you down onto your bed.

“Huwties! Nu gib fwend huwties!” You beg, trying to quickly recover to the big hurties and help your friend.

“I have an idea. You’re gonna help me get every Hasbio employee who helped make you oversized, talking, shitty little viruses sick, whether you and your friend like it or not.” The meanie person smiles at your friend, causing them to quietly sob as you toddle over to save them.

“Nuuu! Fwend am nu fo’ maek hoomins sickies! Fwend am fo’ huggies an’ wub!” You cry out, getting between the person and your friend before they kick you away.

“Move, shitrat. As for you, you’re coming with me.” They walk closer to your friend, picking them up and climbing out the opened window.

You’re scared. For yourself, and your friend. What are they planning to do with them? Plus, they left your friend’s baby. How are you supposed to take care of a not-a-fluffy baby? What would your mummah’s special-friend say once he sees your friend is missing? Is it your fault?