Mummah's Little Babbeh Ch. 5 (by fluffysomething)

You are Sunflower, and you have the worstest scardies again! Mummah put you in the sorry box, is showing you scary pictures! You want your old mummah!

“Watch it! I said, don’t look away! Watch it!” Mummah yells, bringing your face up to the screen installed in your sorry box.

“Nu wan! Am tuu scawy!” You cry, trying to cover your eyes as Mummah holds your hooves down.

“I don’t care, shitrat! Watch it!” Mummah shouts, slapping you across the face and again forcing your face up to the screen.

“Am nu shitwat! Am gud! Pwease nu scawy pictas!” You beg, looking up at Mummah with tears in your eyes.

“Hmmmm… No, more pictures!” Mummah decides, laughing.

“Nu mowe pictas! Yay!” You cheer, trying to get out of the dark box.

“No, I said more pictures. Did you not hear that pause between ‘no’ and ‘more’? Stupid shitrat.” Mummah groans, showing you more of the pictures until you feel funny.

“NU! AM TUU SCAWY! PWEASE! NU WA- Chirp! Peep! Peep! Chirp!” You try to speak, only chirping and peeping leaving your mouth. Are you mommy’s baby now? You better be.

“Good! Now, let’s go in your safe-room.” Mummah calms down, picking you up and sitting you down on the soft carpet.

“Chirp! Peep! Chirp!” You chirp hungrily, trying to eat the carpet.

“Oh! You need milk! Babies drink milk, Sunflower. Isn’t this what you wanted?” Mummah asks, going downstairs and bringing back a small bottle of milk.

“Chirp?” You chirp, confused. You want to be mummah’s baby, but you can’t drink milk!

“Drink it!” Mummah shout-whispers, forcing the bottle in your mouth.

You didn’t feel very full, but you drank it anyways.

“Chirp! Peep! Chirp!” You chirp, still wanting more milk. That wasn’t filling at all!

“Sorry, that’s all for today.” Mummah shrugs, walking out of the room and closing the door, leaving it cracked just a bit.

You are Dr. Harriet Roseman, and you just finished step two of four in your plan. Since Sunflower is a ‘baby’ now, you’ll start making her work even harder for your attention.

“FV-0446, do you want to play toys with mommy? We have Lemon’s toys.” You say, pointing at the cracked door with Sunflower playing inside the room.

“Buh, Sunflowed mean to Eff-vee-zewo-fouw-fouw-siks. Try gib wowstest owwies!” It complains as you drag it into the room, sitting down and picking out a few toys.

“Chirp! Peep! Chirp!” You hear Sunflower chirp angrily, trying to take back the toys before you hit her.

“Oops! What did I hit? The wall?” You pretend Sunflower isn’t there, mouthing to FV-0446 to do the same before you hit Lemon again.

“Not kyow if 'ou hit waww? Fink 'ou hit waww.” FV-0446 responds, shrugging and also walking over to hit Sunflower in the nose with its small “arms”.

“Chirp! Peep, peep! Chirp!” Sunflower chirps in percived pain, rolling on the floor and covering her nose.

“FV-0446, you wanna know something?” You laugh, bringing it closer to you and pointing at Sunflower.

“Babies can’t walk. Sunflower can. Do you know how we fix that?” You ask.

“We do a… am… ampu… weggies go bye-bye suwgewy?” It responds in a questioning tone.

“Yes! You’re so smart! We’ll start tommorow.” You giggle, nodding at it. You really were going to make Sunflower “mommy’s little baby”. Isn’t that what she wanted?


Who’s lemon?

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Oops, Lemon was a fluffy from FV-0446’s Housie-Friend Toy and I accidentally got her and Sunflower mixed up