The Other Problem Ch. 8 (end) (by fluffysomething)

You are FV-0446, and you heard a knock coming from upstairs! Maybe it’s someone coming to help you and your friends? You can hear the meanie people talking to the person, then you hear them coming towards the room you’re in. Maybe you can tell them you’re in here?

“Pwease hewp! Sickie-fwiends am twapped in hewe! Nu wike!” You hear someone shout, as you shout along with them, shaking the cage slightly.

“SUMWUN, HEWP! WE AM STUCK!” You yell, trying to make as much noise as possible so they can hopfully find you.

Soon, everyone in the room was shouting. Either for help, or for their mommies and daddies.

“What’s that?” You hear a voice ask, trying to open the door to the room you’re in.

“Oh, nothing. You see, we have two Bestest Sickie Friends. They’ve been a bit troubling lately, so we put them in there.” One of the meanie people lies, as you hear them put themselves against the door.

“It sounds like more than two. You sure you’re not running a mill or something? You know, you can’t do that without some kind of permit.” The voice says, knocking on the door as you hear them move the meanie person out the way.

“Pwease! We am in hewe! They maek sickie-fwiends hav bay-bees, an’ they tay-ke sickie-juicesies! They say that they gon’ maek mom-mees an’ dad-dees sickies!” Your hear another voice shout, as the other perosn finally opens the door and gasps.

“Oh, God. This really is some kind of Bestest Sickie Friend mill, huh?” They stare at everyone, unlocking the cages one by one until they’re all open.

“Fank ‘ou! Pwease fin’ mom-mees an’ dad-dees?” You beg, crying slightly as you think of your mommy.

“Since you all don’t know where your mommies and daddies live, we’ll have to take you to Fluff-Mart and tell them where you are. There’s one near here.” They pick you up along with two of your other friends, carrying you all three at a time while another person puts weird metal thingies on the meanie person’s wrists.

You are Daisy, and your daddeh is taking to you to Fluff-Mart again! He said your friend is there!

“Fwiend? Fwiend am Day-see?” You hear a voice behind you ask, as you turn around to find your friend.

“Fwend! Yeh, am Dai-see! Wub fwend!” You smile as you hug them, feeling them quickly hug you back.

“Whewe mom-mee?” They ask your daddeh as he sighs sadly.

“She’s still very sick, FV-0446. But, if she gets better, you’ll have a daddy and a mommy. We were planning to move in together before she got sick.” He frowns, picking the both of you up and going into the vroom-vroom monster.

“And, get this. Daddy knows you’ve been under a lot of stress, and Bestest Sickie Friends who are or were really stressed out can’t make good… ‘replication-huggies’ for a while. You know what that means, right?” He asks your friend as he drives the vroom-vroom monster, hearing them gasp.

“N-nu mowe bay-bees?” They ask, looking sad and worried as he nods.

“At least, not for a little while. That’s why I’m starting a special group for fluffies and sickie-friends who can’t have babies, either for a bit or for longer.” He picks you up along with your frinds as they sniffle and mutter about how babies are the best thing ever.

“Nu bay-bees…” They cry as you hug them again, walking off with you to play.


“Ewectie-wah Disfunc-shun can happen tu anee Fwuffy, it am nuffin tu hab heawt-huwties bout. Tawk tu Dok-tow bout wemah-dees bov med-ee-caw an ee-moh-cen-naw.”

Honestly, this might be for the best, 0446 needs some time to themselves, not have to worry about kids or partners or anything. Just sit back and heal.


And it looks like another crisis was averted thanks to another Deus Ex Machina.

Maybe the “insurgents” will still pull something off.

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